Sore Back and Hands From Golfing

The start of everything golf is going to happen in just a few days. After months of watching the snow pile up in my yard, moving the fluffy stuff and watching it slowly melt, it is time to start practice in earnest. Yup, spring has sprung and starting this weekend, it will be warm enough to practice outside without 4 or 5 layers of clothes. I am excited that the time has finally arrived to sharpen my skills. Unfortunately, my initial surge comes with the potential for injury, so I must take my time and stay focused on not ‘over doing my training’!

There are two areas that I specifically stay focused on to ensure I do not create any lasting injuries. After not really swinging my clubs for the winter, even though I have a DIY driving net, the repeated movements of hitting golf balls does cause soreness in my back and hands. This is not a surprising thing, but something I must be wary off until I am in ‘game shape’. It happens every year and I am prepared.

I have to ensure I stretch before and after hitting balls so all my joints are prepared for the movements. This is just one of the things that is a must do to ensure I do not injury myself. Additionally, I swing slowly for the first 10 hits or so to remind my body the full motion I am expecting. Then I slowly increase speed so that I hit a good portion of my practice balls at my intended speed. It is not very scientific, but this ramp up process works well to help me reduce soreness.

Lastly, I stay focused on my target line. I try to create a fluid swing on the path that fits my swing. This swing plane helps reduce unwanted twisting and turning that might add to the potential of injury or increase soreness. I have found in the past that if I jump in and do not methodically focus on my target line, my swing plane goes all erratic. And that is never a good thing at any time of the year.

Well, I am ready to increase my tempo of training. I will try to reduce soreness by slowing introducing a full swing routine. This routine will continue to many months because it is just smart to prepare our bodies for the riggers of any golf swing, walking the course and carrying my clubs; see how I introduced new things; I did that because they are all connected. Do you have any techniques that employ to reduce soreness at the beginning of your golf season?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Sore Back and Hands From Golfing

  1. I’m playing more golf than ever and soreness is something I’ve come to expect lately. I just finished off my putting practice but my back was begging me to stop 10 minutes ago. But I’m dealing with it better than I was 6 months ago so things aren’t looking too bad on that score. And I’ve identified two things to work on with my putting that I’m sure will save me another couple of strokes so enduring a little pain to further my goal is ok.

    Today, I got my first covid shot, visited a client to deal with an issue on site, then got a quick round in on the 9 hole course before the sun set and spent 30 minutes putting after dinner. My back is feeling it, but not too badly. It surely won’t keep me off the course tomorrow. It’ll feel like 91F out tomorrow so that will warm the back up fast. lol

    And Friday I’m taking the young guns out to Diamond Hill to play a course with undulations hard to find in Florida and some of the biggest gators I’ve ever seen. I saw one there a year or two ago walking around that was big enough I could have rolled a basketball under his belly. 15 feet if he was an inch. I kept him on my partners side of the cart. 😂

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    • Kevin,

      First, great to hear you are vaccinated. Second, as we age we definitely have to manage the soreness of repetitive motions when practicing. It is funny how quickly our muscles tire. Lastly, stay away from the gators!

      Cheers Jim


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