If You Have A Shot In Golf, You Have a Chance at Birdie

I fundamentally believe that if I have a shot, I have a chance to score well. It is not pie in the sky stuff, but a deep rooted understanding that anything is possible when looping the course. The late great Arnold Palmer believed that making a total effort every time is the way to win at golf. Who am I to argue with the King!

Being able to envision your shots on the golf course is akin to playing chess. The chess grand master probably thinks 10-15 moves ahead and as such can shape the board to his liking. Golf is similar except the great players thinks 3 or 4 moves ahead. Regardless, the point is that we need to play the immediate shot with an eye on on what is next. Just ask Brandt Snedeker at the Pebble Beach:

Snedeker played to his strengths after a wayward tee shot and walked off with a birdie. Instead of worrying about the past, he envisioned a way to get into red numbers on the 18th hole and executed it perfectly. Now that is the way to play golf.

Snedeker shows that if you have a shot, you have a chance. This is a core belief that all golfers should have; it keeps my mind focused and allows me to make something out of nothing some days.

What are your thoughts having a chance at birdie from a wayward shot?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “If You Have A Shot In Golf, You Have a Chance at Birdie

  1. That’s exactly why I hit that 7 iron shot I mentioned the other day. Even after a drop, I gave myself a chance at birdie. And had my drive been better, not pulled quite so much, I might have been able to give myself an eagle op. My 5 iron will clear those trees I was hitting over and reach the green easier when I hit to the right spot. That was my plan standing on the tee box. I just needed to be 15-20 further right.

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