Lowering Your Golf Score The Easy Way

In a world where everything seems to be at our finger tips, there must be an easy way to lower our golf scores. You know, that secret that all professional golfers understand but refuse to share with us mere mortals. Well, I have found the answer that I think will benefit every golfer and it is really easy to implement. Read further and start your journey to lower golf scores!

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Words of Wisdom From Arnold Palmer

As always The King provides some great advice for all golfers. The many things we try to accomplish can often cause frustration and periods of self-doubt. However, as Arnold Palmer suggests, the feeling of accomplishment often propels us to greater things.

Have a fantastic Saturday! Create the day you want!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Fighting With The Wrong Person On The Golf Course

Have you ever been so angry on the golf course that you could just spit nails?! The only colour you see is red and nothing short of a miracle could talk you down. Or watching someone stomp around cursing, muttering under their breath or throwing clubs has you taking a step back and waiting for the tempest to past. Well, your instincts are correct and that person is not to be trifled with for the near future. It is at that moment that you realize that that golfer is fighting with the wrong person!

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