Lowering Your Golf Score The Easy Way

In a world where everything seems to be at our finger tips, there must be an easy way to lower our golf scores. You know, that secret that all professional golfers understand but refuse to share with us mere mortals. Well, I have found the answer that I think will benefit every golfer and it is really easy to implement. Read further and start your journey to lower golf scores!

I found two videos that will help explain the direction which I am heading. First, Adam Young talks about contact and how amateurs struggle with this skill. The most important stat Young provides is in the first few seconds of the video. I thought that number was a bit high, but after thinking about it, he might be right. Take a look:

We all understand that making consistent contact is critical to low scoring consistent golf. However, that is the macro version of lower golf scores. A quick search about how to lower golf scores the easy way and well, there was so much data that I cannot possibly tell you about the all. However, I did find on reoccurring theme that I have espoused for a very long time. Work on your short game!

Of course this sounds simple and it does work. I did look around a bit and found a video that talks about three must have chip shots that dove tails into the video above and the stat on missed greens. Rick Shiels explains how and why these three shots are stroke savers. Take it away Rick:

I have offered the way to lower golf scores the easy way, but now is the time to burst your bubble. There really is no easy way to lower your golf scores. The reason I say this is because to be a better golfer, I mean a consistent player who shoots low golf scores, we need to practice. To develop the shots outlined by Shiels, we need to practice. These and other must have shots are not developed overnight. We all need to take the time to hone these short game skills to see positive results on the golf course.

I can tell you from experience that practice, even just a few minutes, is the key to lower golf scores. How low you want too shoot is up to you. Keep in mind that to get to your promised land, you need to put in time and effort to be successful on the links. Lastly, Arnold Palmer offered a great solution, but unfortunately it is not a lasting answer to lower golf scores:

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Lowering Your Golf Score The Easy Way

  1. I’m not sure my memory is correct but I think I heard it from Hank Haney. Even if you can’t hit a ball, 50 swings a night will show a benefit on the course. That’s how I got better at ball striking. In the evenings, under a spot light in my back yard, I created a small sandy patch and I carved a line in the sand in the middle of my stance and swung trying to have the club contact the ground at or just after the line.

    I’ve actually been thinking of adding a twist to that and incorporating it into my current practice routines. I just want to put a couple of tee’s in the ground to give me a gate like I’ve seen for putting practice to help ingrain a better center hit. My current most prevalent mistake is to hit on the toe side. I think I’m getting far enough along where the addition won’t adversely effect the work on my turn anymore.

    Oh, and if you haven’t seen it yet, Golf Mates met Zen Golf and got a lesson.


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