Inside Rory McIlroy’s Golf Bag

After reading an article from about what clubs Rory McIlroy carries, I started to second guess the clubs in my bag. I mean, if one of the top golfers in the world (arguably the best) uses specific clubs, then maybe, just maybe, we amateurs need to take notice. I am not talking about brand of club, but the actual clubs he carries. Truthfully, I am really confused!

Rory McIlroy’s bag. (Courtesy of GolfWRX) –

There are two things I quickly noticed about what is in Rory McIlroy’s bag that differs from mine. First, he does not carry any hybrids. Personally, I carry a 3 and 4 hybrid because I do not hit my long irons well. Therefore, using easier to hit hybrids only makes sense to me as an amateur. This difference does not really make me rethink the clubs in my bag; however, the next difference is causing me a bit consternation.

McIlroy carries a 5 wood! Yup, he took his 3 iron out of the bag and carries an extra wood. Now, a few years back, I took out my 5 wood to insert a 60° wedge because I felt that this move would improve my golf scores. It has to a point, but my confusion is maybe I took out the wrong club. Should I have removed the 3 hybrid instead. Normally, my 3 hybrid is good for 200 to 210 yards; I was able to hit my 5 wood 220 yards on average. The yardage gap does not seem like a issue to me because my course management skills makes up to any discrepancy that might occur because I decided to remove my 5 wood. Now, I wonder if made the right decision!

Okay, I am going to stop myself right now! I am falling into the advertising trap that all golfers experience from time to time. Rory McIlroy’s club selection is designed for his fantastic game. He has the ability to strike all his clubs with perfection and as such, carries the clubs that best suit his game.

I am a bit less proficient with my ball striking (being generous to myself here) and my bag make up is designed to best suit my game. Therefore, second guessing my choices just because a top golfer has gone in a different direction is not a good idea. I need to stay confident with my choice and play my game to the best of my ability with the clubs I carry. And I guess that is the main theme of my article today.

Only you can decide what clubs to carry that suit your golf game. Sometimes it is skill related, others has to do with cost, or maybe you have not given this topic that much thought. Regardless, own your decision about what clubs are in your bag and confidently go forward to play your best golf!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Inside Rory McIlroy’s Golf Bag

  1. Jim, I have a basement full of five woods but every time I bought one, found I couldn’t control it. So the three iron remains in my bag. Recently I purchased a 3 hybrid but it met the same fate as the five woods. I know it’s the carpenter not the tools but that three iron is so darn dependable. I just choke down on a three wood and try to cover the distance gap when required.




    • Brian,

      I actually ran through a few hybrids myself. But, I have learned to hit them way better than my long irons; they are my Achilles heel for sure. Lately, I have not made any impulse purchases I regret in quite some time because I like to take my time and usually get fitted. It saves a bit of money in the long run for sure.

      I to use my 3 wood to bridge the distance gap. It works most of the time; but having the proper club is definitely a benefit. I am sure it is the same for you.

      Cheers Jim

      Cheers Him

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  2. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in years past where equipment is concerned. I never learn anything from it. lol My one length 3 hybrid is proof of that. But, that said, I never really regretted any of those decisions either.

    Rory’s bag makes me wonder what his gapping numbers are at the top end. His bag more or less is something I could play or at least have tried to play in the past to varying degrees of success. Before taking my first lesson, I used to carry an Adam’s Tight Lies 3, 5, and 7 wood in fact. The 5 stayed in after the lesson, but I went to the 3 and 4 irons after the lesson because I wanted to try and train the changes into me using a more traditional set first and see how that worked and just never went back. Today, it’s 3 – lob wedge with 3 wood set to 15.5 degrees and a 10.5 degree driver.

    For now that is. I’m making my first trip in ages to the golf store tomorrow to look at the new drivers and see if the store has a proper fitting setup. I really think the face on mine has grown tired after 15 years of beatings so I think it’s time to find a new best buddy.


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