If You Have A Shot In Golf, You Have a Chance at Birdie

I fundamentally believe that if I have a shot, I have a chance to score well. It is not pie in the sky stuff, but a deep rooted understanding that anything is possible when looping the course. The late great Arnold Palmer believed that making a total effort every time is the way to win at golf. Who am I to argue with the King!

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Steel and Graphite Shafts May Not Be Our Only Choice

Golf is a game of evolution. Technology drives the changes and none more important that in the shaft of the golf club. Made of wood originally, it switched to hickory (more wood), then steel, and finally graphite. I grew up using steel in all my clubs and I have to say that it is my preference over graphite. I realize I am flying in the face of the norm, but I only use graphite shafts in my woods and hybrids because I have too! I miss the feel of steel shafts in my longer clubs. So, here we are with a conundrum.  Continue reading

How Wide is Your Putting Stance?

Over the years, I have tinkered with the width of my putting stance. It seems to me that when I adjust my feet, the rest of my body compensates for the change and I still putt fairly well. Interestingly, I noticed that the driving factor for adjusting my putting stance was comfort over the ball. Having said all this, I saw during the BMW Championship that many professionals have adopted a very narrow putting stance and I am trying to figure out why.  Continue reading

Shooting 59 in Golf

Congratulations to Brandt Snedeker for shooting a 59 yesterday at the Wyndham Championship in Greensboro, NC. He is the ninth player in history to shoot a sub-sixty round and frankly I am surprised. I have always thought Brandt had a solid game and he is definitely a streaky player, however I did not think he had a 59 in his game. I guess, I was proven wrong again. Continue reading