My Golf Stats for 2019

I finally decided on which golf stats I want to track for 2019. We have discussed this before and now I have an excel tracking sheet that will cover the core stats needed to help me focus in areas I need to practice. Tracking stats for a grateful golfer like myself is fun and rewarding; not at all geekish.

I have played 5 times in 2019. I decided to start tracking my stats as of last Saturday and since then have played a total of 36 holes. Here is what things look like to date:

I started to think about how to arrange my stats and decided to break it down as indicated above. I could go crazy trying to track things like 3 putts, sand saves, penalties, etc. After thinking about it for sometime, I think those stats, at least for now, will more white noise that anything else.

I decided to break down my rounds into two different categories: 18 holes and 9 holes. The reasoning for this is trying to account for the disparities in score to par. It was becoming more challenging the more categories I added, so I separated them to provide a clearer picture of what the stats mean.

Then, I combined the averages of the two categories to create overall averages. All of this was a simple process using EXCEL and the math takes care of itself. With the above information I can set goals and identify focus practice areas. It will take some time build up a larger sample group, but as I slowly add the data, an even clearer picture will emerge.

The two stats I am particularly interested in at this time are: Overall GIR and Overall Putts per hole. These two will be the most telling so early in the season. I expect the GIR number to rise and Putts to drop.

My target numbers are 60% GIR and 1.5 putts per hole. If I can attain these numbers, I will be able to drop my scoring average and handicap index. That is my main goal for now we shall see as my season unfolds and my game becomes sharper.

Do you use stats to help track your game?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “My Golf Stats for 2019

  1. Jim, looks good. You are only measuring what you can use. I track GIR, putts per round, total score, and relation to par. First round in a month is scheduled for Saturday in Pennsylvania. I’m back and I’m pumped!

    Play well!



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