My Golf Stats for 2019

I finally decided on which golf stats I want to track for 2019. We have discussed this before and now I have an excel tracking sheet that will cover the core stats needed to help me focus in areas I need to practice. Tracking stats for a grateful golfer like myself is fun and rewarding; not at all geekish.

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Golf, It Is a Matter of Stats

Earlier in the year I decided to keep more detailed golf stats. I have kept stats in the past, but I was not very diligent about it. Starting nine games ago, I changed my focus to support my ongoing efforts to be a scratch golfer. I hope these core stats will help indicate where my future training sessions should focus. 
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Remembering What Works In Golf

For some reason, I stopped doing certain aspects of my golf game that are proven to be very successful. Does this ever happen to you? It is challenging and frustrating at the same time to relearn the same golf lessons.There are many reasons for having to go back to your roots, but lately I seem to be a victim of my own foolishness.

As you are aware, I like looking at all aspects of golf and sometimes I get lost in the labyrinth of the journey! Many paths lead to a dead-end, but now and then I strike it rich. Lately, my game has not been where I think it should be, but my recent adventure with pre-round visualization has opened my eyes and I am ready, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, to re-invigorate some of my past successes.
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