Doubles Are Killing My Golf Score

I am in that time of my golf season where I am starting to slump a little bit. I currently have 37 rounds posted at Golf Canada and have lowered my handicap index to 3.9, yet I find myself in a bit of a struggle. I seem to be shooting two double bogies a round during four of my last five rounds. I talked about no trouble doubles in an earlier post, but my woes are still hanging around.

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Every Shot Counts During Every Round

I do not know about you, but I believe that every shot is important during all my rounds of golf. At any given time, on shot can turn your great round into a good round, into an average round, into a poor round. It really depends on how poorly we actually hit a ball. This happened to me during my last round where two bad swings resulted in a three over par round. Just two poor swings!

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My Golf Stats for 2019

I finally decided on which golf stats I want to track for 2019. We have discussed this before and now I have an excel tracking sheet that will cover the core stats needed to help me focus in areas I need to practice. Tracking stats for a grateful golfer like myself is fun and rewarding; not at all geekish.

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Golf Stats: The Number of Putts Per Round

I know how much everyone loves golf stats. Many players live by them and others don’t give a care. Personally, I think that some stats are helpful and others are useless. And then there are a few stats that are in the middle; like the number of putts per round. This stat is miss leading and can easily draw you down the rabbit hole into the abyss. Continue reading

A Lively Discussion About Golf Stats

Two days ago I asked the question about which golf stat was the most important. With out a question, there was one that quickly rose to the top of the pile. It is the one meaningful stat because it connects to all the others. I have discussed this stat before and I am reassured to hear that my earlier thoughts remain true today. Continue reading