How To Shoot Lower Golf Scores

If I had the guaranteed answer on how to shoot lower golf scores, I would share it in a heart beat. I would ensure that all my readers could share in my wisdom and shoot lower golf scores themselves. As every golf can attest, we all have our own views on what will work and what will not. Through trial and error, I have found ways to lower my scores over the years and most of them center around one area with smatterings of success in others. Now, I focus most of my efforts on this area and continue to garner small incremental gains that lower my golf scores.

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When to Replace a Wedge

One of my most difficult decisions is when to replace one of my wedges. Of all my clubs, except my putter, my wedges are used the most. Mine are showing wear, but I am not sure it is time to try something new.

I have bought new equipment before and use a system that works without fail. I intend to follow it again, however for some reason I think I am leaving something out. Any advice you can give me would greatly appreciated! Continue reading