Scramble Golf Tournament – Does Advice Help?

Most golfers play in scramble golf tournaments. In this multiple player event, the shooter is allowed to receive and give advice before the shot. Sometimes after much debate, no real decision on how to play the shot is reached, so the shooter swings away at what they think is the best. Sometimes it works and other times, not so much! Continue reading

If You Don’t Want The Answer…..

Teaching golf is challenging!

I know you can finish the start of this question. I have lived by the following thought for most of my life. I can honestly admit, that I have done this and some responses have really caused me to think:

Never ask a question if you are not prepared for an honest answer!

I believe we learn from asking questions; it helps expand our knowledge and understanding of a specific topic and it also can guide us on making changes in the future. There are many aspect to asking questions, but regardless, we must be prepared to hear something unexpected.
Continue reading

Do You Like to Golf?

This is a very simple question: Do you like to golf? I bet if you ask 10 people around your office or gathering of friends, you would receive a surprising large number of people who say no or make an excuse about why they do not golf. Yet, I bet if of the nay sayers,  a large portion of those have never touched a club or only hit the links once. They form an opinion on what they think versus a decision based on facts or experience. Continue reading

Listening to Your Inner Golfer

Who do you listen to on the golf course? Your buddies who are no better than you or some stranger who thinks they know the game? When you are selecting a club to hit a baby draw into a tight pin, who do you rely on to provide guidance or sage advice? If you do not know the answer to this question and are routinely puzzled by the answer, then maybe you need to look at your golf game differently. Continue reading

Oh, Just Forget It! Golf Is Not For Me!

Stop trying to help my game! You are really no better than me, what makes you think you are helping? Is it really important to tell me what I did wrong after every swing? These and many other complaints are said all the time around the golf course. Many well-intentioned players think they can help their spouse, friend, or stranger by analysing someone’s swing. I can tell you without a doubt that these “helpful” golfers are not helping! Continue reading