Taking Lessons…From a Pro or Your Buddy!

Everyone who reads the title says, “Of course from a Pro!”  I agree.  However, how many amateurs are really willing to go to their local pro, pay $40 – $50, practice and then go back in four weeks to see how they made out?  I would suggest not very many.

At Golf Link, they outline the positives of taking individual or group lessons.  Additionally, they ask some important questions regarding what your expectations are from lessons.  It is a good article to read as a foundation for those thinking of investing in their game.

At the PGA website is another very good article.  I copied the 10 reasons to take lessons from a pro.  The article is a good read and talks a bit about Nick Faldo.  Their 10 reasons are:

  1. Lessons are both rewarding to your game and an enjoyable experience.
  2. Having an expert in the golf swing exclusively working on your game is a real buzz and it’s the opportunity to really get a sound platform.
  3. Books, magazines and friends can often lend mis-guided tips or advice but gaining the correct advice for YOU is priceless…
  4. The pro is a second pair of eyes – he can see your swing and because of his training and expertise can pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, and give you realistic goals to reach through practice regimes to you as an individual.
  5. The golf swing is a complex action. Lessons with a pro really help you to understand exactly what is happening, why it’s happening and what you need to do to improve.
  6. Lessons help realise potential which includes being able to hit the ball further, straighter and more consistently.
  7. Lessons are a great opportunity to discuss equipment with your pro and find out what’s best for your swing.
  8. Learn practice drills. The pro will be able to give you specific drills to help you on the part of your game that you’re working on.
  9. Lessons enable you to get the most out of your equipment.
  10. Lessons prevent bad habits developing.

Taking lessons from a pro definitely provides a positive environment with a knowledgeable instructor that will improve your game.  Going to PGA members like Rick Williams at mindbodygolf.com may be the best investment you make in a while!

28 days until the courses open.  I am a grateful golfer.  See you on the links!

14 thoughts on “Taking Lessons…From a Pro or Your Buddy!

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  10. Hey, thanks Jim! I’ve always looked at the PGA/LPGA Professional at a facility as the “expert” and that’s a great reason to see them for a lesson. Other things to consider is what YOU want to achieve and state that to your instructor. A good coach will have myriad ways to find that out. What’s your learning style and how do you like to be “coached”? Are you looking for a “quick fix” or looking for a full road map to success?

    Is the coach using the most current technology and at least familiar with the other teaching styles out there? How own-minded is the instructor?

    It’s a big decision. It does cost money. And I’ve had success with both individual & group lessons. Most golfers want to hit more “good” shots, shoot lower scores and enjoy time with friends. How you get there is a personal choice. Find the PGA/LPGA Professional that is well trained and fits your style. Most of all, have fun!


    • Rick

      I completely agree. As a 5 handicapper, I take a lesson or two once in a while. I have found that I am happy with my game, but if I want to go to the next level, I would definitely have to take lessons and practice, practice, practice. Thanks for sharing.



  11. I am teaching Pro down in southern california. My opinion on lessons is that if you want to learn the game you need 4-6 weeks working with a pro. The best value is without a doubt group lessons. You can pay anywhere from $100-200/month for group lessons, but if you participate fully, ask questions, and get enthusiastic about the game then any pro would love to work with you and be happy to teach you!


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