Scramble Golf Tournament – Does Advice Help?

Most golfers play in scramble golf tournaments. In this multiple player event, the shooter is allowed to receive and give advice before the shot. Sometimes after much debate, no real decision on how to play the shot is reached, so the shooter swings away at what they think is the best. Sometimes it works and other times, not so much!

I play most of my golf these days with Blair and Rick. If I am able, we enter team events and to day have been moderately successful. Playing around in a scramble event plays offers more opportunity for discussion on how to play a shot and where we would like the ball to finish. Of course, this discussion varies on the situation, however there are a couple of truths that always seem to be at the surface of all our discussions. When there is a disagreement, it always boils down to one issue I will discuss in a minute.

I will say that most of the time the advice is helpful except on the greens. All three of us have different styles and as a result read the green differently. During these times, I do not find anyone’s advice helpful, but they are rare. So, the short of is that while playing a team event, team advice is both helpful and a distraction. Others seem the think the same way:

Now, back to the other challenge the three of us have when giving advice on the golf course. Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with our skill level. It actually is centered around course management. Blair, Rick and I (especially Blair and I) play golf differently. We sometimes approach our shots from opposite ends of the spectrum. When he wants to press, I want to play cautiously. The fact that our course management styles are different drives the diverse advice we give to the team. I am sure you can see how this could cause challenges to the outcome of some shots.

For the most point, I am not surprised we experience advice challenges. This is would be the same for players and caddies sometimes as well. As a matter of fact, one Grateful Golfer fired their caddie because they were having a heated argument about whether to use an 8 or 9 iron for a shot. Not cool and the player was a bit embarrassed; I can see that happening more often than reported.

How we manage our game will drive the advice given to anyone. I know this is an issue that keeps rising, so I try to temper my advice to match as many factors as possible. This also poses other challenges, but at least is helps the team manage the round more effectively and with more cohesion.

Do you have challenges giving or accepting advice during a team golf event?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Scramble Golf Tournament – Does Advice Help?

  1. For me, I play my game in a scramble. I might ask what club a teammate uses but in the end I use what club I feel comfortable with. The putting green is where the most advice and cooperation occurs. We usually discuss and learn from each other’s try.
    In the end, it’s about team and having fun.

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    • For sure
      , having fun is the top priority. The green is where some discussion happens, but we tend to talk about every shot, approach side of the green, hazards, etc. Maybe we over think it. Hard to say.

      Cheers Jim


  2. Since I start out alone more often than not, I’ve played with a ton of different people over the years and been asked to fill in other teams many times. I’ve never been given advice on which club to play but I can tell you I wouldn’t listen to that anyway. I know my game better than they do. That said, I will go with the flow when I join a group as far as course management decisions go unless I happen to hit last and everyone else left lousy lies or failed totally. Then I might attempt to change their minds and allow me to hit the shot I feel most comfortable with but if they want me to take the chance, I’ll do it. I’m out for fun, and don’t care one way or the other. I just look at it as a chance to practice something I wouldn’t normally do. When playing with people who want to take control it doesn’t do any good to go against them because they are just as likely to try and hit one of their balls from a lousy lie just because it’s 30 yards closer than hitting a shot from the fairway even if it’s inside 125.

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    • Kevin

      Your go with the flow attitude is definitely a must. It is not a control thing with our group, more of a set up for the next shot. Still, the player ultimately owns their own shot and hit something they know they can. I play last all the time, I only take a chance if we have a ball in play. We all agree to the thank goodness. Hope you have a great weekend!

      Cheers Jim


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