Do You Like to Golf?

This is a very simple question: Do you like to golf? I bet if you ask 10 people around your office or gathering of friends, you would receive a surprising large number of people who say no or make an excuse about why they do not golf. Yet, I bet if of the nay sayers,  a large portion of those have never touched a club or only hit the links once. They form an opinion on what they think versus a decision based on facts or experience.

I understand their response, but as an avid golfer, I do not agree with their view. It is not something I would argue with them about, but basing a decision without knowledge is generally a bit short-sighted. Additionally, the person really does not know what they are missing because they have no baseline of knowledge.

The question to golf is pretty straight forward as you can see.

This scenario applies to golfers as well. When struggling with our game, we sometimes decide on a fix without any real understanding of what needs to be fixed. Many feel that buying the latest equipment is the ‘quick fix’ they need to improve their game. They do not research equipment or whether their new kit will actually help, but off they go and spend oodles of cash on something that generally does not help.

Personally, I try to make an informed decision on changes to my equipment and golf game. As an example, I recently purchased a new putter (Odyssey Works) and a new gap wedge (Cleveland 52º ). Both needed replacement because of their age and condition. My decision to change (in my opinion) was based on necessity and I did some research before making the purchase.

Making a snap decision on something relating to your golf game is akin to the above person saying they do not like golf, but have never tried playing. We all want to have instant, positive results, but unfortunately that is not possible when making a change to your golf game. It takes a plan, time, and effort to make any significant adjustments. It usually involves frustration and challenges that in the end are definitely worth the effort.

As you move forward and take steps to improve your golf scores, remember that an informed decision and solid game plan is the real key to success in golf. If you do not know were to begin, try your local pro. For a few dollars, they can set you for success moving forward.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.

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