Correctly Hitting a Pitch Shot

The pitch shot is a huge part of my game. I am going through a transition phase of hitting the ball at 90% power inside of 125 yards instead of a full swing with my clubs. I have decided to make this change because of the greater control I have at 90%. This helps me hit my target better and helps lower the percentage of error I was experiencing with a full shot from in close. So the proper pitching technique is an area of focus at the time being.

I am sure many of you use the pitch shot often in your game. You have your own technique and I am not about to recommend changing if it is working for you. However, if you are experiencing some challenges, the following video by Noel Rousseau – Golf Pitching: 30-100 Yards Demands a Solid Technique – sums up my efforts very well.

As I continue to improve my game, I will use techniques explained in the video. Off all things mentioned, my weight distribution requires the most attention. After adjusting my approach to use more chip shots, I have noticed a more consistent result of being on the green. Now I need to work on being closer to the pin!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.

2 thoughts on “Correctly Hitting a Pitch Shot

  1. If it weren’t for my short game I’d have been slaughtered yesterday. Thankfully, I do this type of shot pretty well and I putted well too so I ended up with a 2 stroke win even though the guy I was playing with only missed one fairway off the tee while I missed almost every time I hit my driver. It’s back to the range for me this weekend. I need to work on that again. Just a couple months back I was bragging about not missing any fairways.

    Which reminds me, do you know why they named the game golf? It’s because all the really good four letter words were already taken.

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