Playing An Ugly Lie Around the Green

Over the past month, I have experienced a higher than normal number of shots from poor lies around the green. Part of the reason is people not fixing their excavation area and others is just a rough patch on the course. Regardless, it is a shot I have to make from time to time and understanding the proper technique helps keep the double bogeys at bay.

I could go through the technique I use, but Instructor Alison Whitaker from Golfing World explains it perfectly.

I have used the heel up – toe down technique for years. It does work very well but it does take a bit of practice. Additionally, it works very well out of the long grass where your ball only needs to travel a few inches before hitting the collar and green. I generally us a 5-iron, but you will have to decide which club works best for you.

Two things to be aware when using this skill: first, the ball has a tendency to go left (I am right-handed), so aim a to the right of your normal line; second, the ball will roll out farther than expected, hitting it hard or down a steep grade is challenging. Other than these two points, this is a great shot to have in your bag.

Have you used this type of shot before?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.


5 thoughts on “Playing An Ugly Lie Around the Green

  1. We have a bit more bad lies here right now than usual. Hurricanes just aren’t nice to golf courses. I learned to deal with shots like that differently and since I’ve done it such a long time I’m reluctant to switch but I have started practicing the technique to hopefully add it to my arsenal. A few more practice sessions and I will give it a try on the course.

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