Is The ‘Why’ Really Important To Your Golf Swing

Learning something new is always a challenge. Depending on your age, experience, and open-mindedness, can complicate the learning process. Over the years, I have watched videos, read articles, listened to experts, experimented and stumbled upon fixes to my golf swing. It was not a pretty process, but overall I cannot complain as I always seem to keep moving forward. However, I often wonder if my game would be a higher level if I knew the ‘why’ to all my changes. Continue reading

If You Don’t Want The Answer…..

Teaching golf is challenging!

I know you can finish the start of this question. I have lived by the following thought for most of my life. I can honestly admit, that I have done this and some responses have really caused me to think:

Never ask a question if you are not prepared for an honest answer!

I believe we learn from asking questions; it helps expand our knowledge and understanding of a specific topic and it also can guide us on making changes in the future. There are many aspect to asking questions, but regardless, we must be prepared to hear something unexpected.
Continue reading

Do You Like to Golf?

This is a very simple question: Do you like to golf? I bet if you ask 10 people around your office or gathering of friends, you would receive a surprising large number of people who say no or make an excuse about why they do not golf. Yet, I bet if of the nay sayers,  a large portion of those have never touched a club or only hit the links once. They form an opinion on what they think versus a decision based on facts or experience. Continue reading

Overwhelmed by Golf Information

Make the madness stop! How can thousands of so-called experts claim to have the one solution that will fix my golf game? It is impossible to decipher the complex idiosyncrasies of a golf swing down to one simple concept or action. Of course, in today’s society of instant gratification, that is what most players are looking for. Golf is not easy and no matter what parts of your game you are trying to fix, a quick search will provide a mountain of data that you have not time or desire to sift through. So what is the solution? Continue reading

Golf Accepts All Players

Anyone can play golf. It is a sport that regardless of you physical abilities, you can grab a set of clubs and hit the links. Like all activities, the desire to play is the limiting factor. If someone does not want to loop the course, no amount of persuasion is going to drag them to the first tee. And yet, golf patiently waits for them to change their mind. Continue reading