Golf Accepts All Players

Anyone can play golf. It is a sport that regardless of you physical abilities, you can grab a set of clubs and hit the links. Like all activities, the desire to play is the limiting factor. If someone does not want to loop the course, no amount of persuasion is going to drag them to the first tee. And yet, golf patiently waits for them to change their mind.

Golf accepts all players.

Over the years I learned many valuable lessons about introducing golf to beginners. It almost always starts with a conversation about golf (especially once they find out I am an avid player). They ask many questions, but in reality, most are just being polite. When I reciprocate the question, I do not get a straight answer, but excuses as to why they do not golf… that time.

In years past, I would talk about golf and try to explain the many virtues of hitting the links. I would even to as far as to offer help grow their interest. But, generally a glazed look would come over their eyes and I knew I had lost them. My eagerness just drove away the would be golfer. And yet, golf still waits for the return of the prodigal son.

Now, I take an entirely different approach. When someone asks about golf, I play it cool. I talk about their interests and if what specifically peaks their interest. I let their conversation drive what we talk about and see if they are just being polite or are really interested in golfing. If they ask for help, I offer solutions to meet their ambition. Sometimes that means giving them something to read and others going to the range to help them with their game.

Golf is a great game. I try to grow it by improving my 3 foot space. Golf offers many aspects for improvement, testing oneself, and stressing ones ability to perform under pressure. Regardless, it is a great sport and if someone has questions or shows interest, I am happy to help the spark of interest grow into a flame.

Golf accepts all players. Do you talk about golf to non-players? If so, what is your favorite topic?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

5 thoughts on “Golf Accepts All Players

  1. You are a better man than I. I tell them to stay away from the game. It’s a monkey on your back. An insidiously addictive past time designed to suck your entire entertainment budget dry. You’ll go out one with a buddy. You’ll feel like a fool because you will stink. Then you’ll hit just one good shot and life as you knew it is over.

    Then if they are still interested it’s safe to talk shop.

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