Holy Shank Batman!

Watching my ball shoot of my club straight right immediately catches my attention. I become mystified to see my ball go away from my intended target. I am puzzled as to why my ball is now flying 90 degrees from my aim point. My god, I just shanked a ball!

Holy Shank Batman!

A case of the shanks is a scary situation for any golfer! And this year, I have shanked 4 balls using 4 different clubs. All were short irons. Of course every  time it happens I am completely puzzled. But, after thinking about it for a bit, I think I know why and how to prevent it in the future.

On a couple of shots I was standing too close to ball. I was trying to play my 9 iron more upright in order to chop down on the ball to create more backspin. Unfortunately, I was standing too close and the ball hit the hosel of my club. I was disappointed with my hit, but had to move on.

The next time, I was on the tee of a very short par 3. I was trying to hit a knock down gap wedge and did not finish by swing at all. My club face was so far open, my ball had no choice but go hid in the woods. I was changing my swing and to achieve something that is out of my normal routine and as a result my ball was gone forever.

Lastly, I hit the toe of the ball with the toe of my club. Another oddity, my ball shot directly right about 20 yards. I mean, I almost missed the ball completely! It was the strangest thing and caused wonderment in my mind. In this case, I was pulling too hard with my left side and my swing pattern was completely off and as such I pulled the club head off the swing plane to the far left.

All players miss it their golf ball. Some hit it fat, thin, top-it, and of course the dread shanks. I have experienced a higher number of shanks this year compared to the last 5 years and it is something to monitor. With only hitting 4 shanks this year, a very low percentage compared to the actual number of shots I have taken, some would say it is not a big deal. However, I am telling you that 4 is 4 too many!

I am confident that I will not hit anymore shanks this year now that I am aware a problem might be brewing. I need to focus on my normal swing routine because it is proven to be successful. For the most part, I can accept a poorly hit golf ball because it happens to us all. But, hitting shanks is unacceptable in my game!

How about you? Have you shanked a ball this year?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Holy Shank Batman!

  1. Jim, a friend and I picked up a single last month and on the 18th hole this guy hits a hosel rocket that strikes both my friend and me. Nobody was seriously injured but we were in shock for a moment. It was one of those pull dribble jobs that goes straight left for the right handed player.

    As for myself, I haven’t seen a S&*nk on the course, just a couple on the range when I was warming up and cold. Paid them no mind.



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