I Hate The Shanks – How About You?

Every once in awhile, I run into a short stretch of hitting shanks with my wedges. For those wondering what I mean by a shank, here is a good definition: “a shank occurs when a player strikes a golf ball with the hosel of a club—the area where the shaft is joined to the club head. This usually results in the ball careening off at a wild angle.” I realize this sounds strange that I would hit a few shanks, but they definitely happens and I hate it! I know what I am doing wrong and can usually fix them very quick.

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Fixing your Golf Game – If You Can!

Over the years I have experienced droughts in my golf game. The longest in memory lasted about 10 games when I could not break 80, with many of my scores in the mid 80s. This many not seem to drastic, but during that period I could not seem to anything right!

train wreck

As I struggled to figure out what I was doing different. I tried changing my grip, adjusting my stance, swinging slower, swinging faster, and well, I tried just about anything. Unfortunately, nothing made a difference! Until……. Continue reading