I Hate The Shanks – How About You?

Every once in awhile, I run into a short stretch of hitting shanks with my wedges. For those wondering what I mean by a shank, here is a good definition: “a shank occurs when a player strikes a golf ball with the hosel of a club—the area where the shaft is joined to the club head. This usually results in the ball careening off at a wild angle.” I realize this sounds strange that I would hit a few shanks, but they definitely happens and I hate it! I know what I am doing wrong and can usually fix them very quick.

To drive my point home a bit further, Butch Harmon has a great video with a fix:

In my case and with many other amateurs, I stand too close to the ball on my address. I am not sure what causes this challenge, but it definitely happens. When I stand too close to the ball, I have an upwards posture and this changes the lie of my club. As I swing through the ball, I strike on the inside of the club face right at the hosel. As I watch my ball fly directly to the right into the woods or worse, my feeling of dread and shock rises to a level of great frustration. It is all very disappointing.

Hitting shanks is something that is dreaded by all golfers. There are many different causes for shanks and each player needs to find out for themselves what causes their woes. If you develop a case of the shanks, I recommend you see your local professional for some expert help.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “I Hate The Shanks – How About You?

  1. It’s not that it’s never happened. But it’s not been a particular issue. When I’m working on a swing change though, any rotten shot is as likely as another to show up. lol

    Today I was trying to make the turn like in that video with the longer clubs and I didn’t shank any but I had a distinct tendency to pull in the beginning. It came a bit less as the round went on though and I drove the green and eagled the last hole so I’m calling the whole day a win.

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