Stop Making This Mistake With Your Driver

There is one specific error that most amateur golfers make when using their driver. Actually, it is an error that they use with many of their clubs that is easily avoidable. When I say easily, I mean it is fixable with a bit of effort. Fortunately, I told that I was making this error along time ago and was able make corrections to my swing that set me on the path to a better golf game. In all fairness, I have to say that still slip from time to time, but it is easily recognizable and fixable.

The main challenge/error focuses on balance and weight shift. To explain it in more detail I have a video by Mark Crossfield that will hopefully clarify the primary topic of this article.

Before going into further detail, I want to thank Kevin (an avid reader of The Grateful Golfer) sending me this video.

The positioning of our hips on the backswing is very important. In my case, I feel the strain of loading up to develop power on the inside of my trail leg. If I loose that tension, then I know I am not in the proper position. Unfortunately, when that tension leaves I am out of position and likely will hit the ball left or too high. The video below shows that I am in good position on the back swing, but not driving forward enough to maximize my power. This is challenge I still work on.

The challenge of leaning backward on our backswing is a real problem for many amateurs. It causes problems in many areas and Mark Crossfield offers ways to correct this basic swing error. I learned a long time ago that I was making this basic mistake and fortunately I was able to fix it early in my career. If you want to know if you if you are making this swing error, I recommend you video your swing to make sure.

I am a grateful golfer. See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Stop Making This Mistake With Your Driver

  1. I’ve seen a lot of video’s that try and get you to make this move. But this one gave me the right “feel”. It’s the wall drill without the wall and one handed. lol But seriously, I didn’t really get it before. Wasn’t quite doing the right thing. I feel the pressure differences in my feet, and in the body in general. I noticed as well, that when holding a club across my chest I can turn farther this way than what I was doing and getting the club pointing not just behind the ball but all the way to behind the trail foot if I pushed it.

    Oh, and this isn’t just for drivers. This is swing in general stuff here. When we turn correctly, we get ball first contact consistently. Our course was washed out today in a front that blew through so I couldn’t hit the driver but I was practicing this on the little range out back tonight with the gap wedge. And I see things I’m impressed with and things that tell me I’m going to need to put in a lot more work. And some that are both.

    For instance I’m used to judging my distance control just with swing length. The amount of turn has been more of natural thing based on swing length. But in practicing this I started off exaggerating the turn and led me to the realization that swing length is not the only metric I should be incorporating into my decision matrix. Adding in a couple of turn amount feels together with swing length will add another dimension in possible accuracy. More “having the right number in the bag” so to speak. I expect that will have more relevance farther out then close in, but time will tell I guess on that.

    One little eye opener and the dreams of greatness start all over again. lol Am I hooked or what?

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