13th Annual Monaghan and Furry Friends Scramble Rocked!

Blair, Fernando and Rick behind The Grateful Golfer.

The charity golf tournament I played in yesterday was fantastic. The point of the event was to raise money for North Bay and District Humane Society Adoption Centre project and from the looks of the smiling faces around the club house, this event was a huge success. Upon our arrival we registered and quickly headed to the lunch BBQ to scarf down a cheeseburger. With a full belly and water in hand, my group of regulars headed to our starting hole. The weather was fantastic and course (Osprey Links Golf Course) was in great shape. By all accounts, the day was going to be amazing!

As I stated yesterday, we expected to shoot an 8 under par. With Osprey Links being in fantastic shape, our goal of shooting a low score was definitely possible We started on the 5th hole and shot 4 birdies in the first 9 holes. We were on fire and I thought our goal was going to be easily attainable. As fast as started, we cooled off and shot 2 birdies in the last 9 holes. I was temporarily disappointed, but quickly got over myself as I focused on the real reason we were playing in this charity tournament: supporting the humane society and having fun. We accomplished these two goals without question.

Kerry and Cassy

As we rounded the front nine, we were met on the 10th tee box by Kerry Dunn from Homewood Suites by Hilton and Cassy Beaudry from the Hampton Inn by Hilton North Bay. They had a swag tent set up and we had our chance to play plinko. Both of these ladies were fun to talk too and helped pass the time we had to wait for our turn to play the back nine. Thanks Kerry and Cassy for the swag.

For a very reasonable price, the charity event offered a bbq lunch, gift card to Casey’s Restaurant, 18 holes of golf with a cart, and a buffet dinner at Casey’s Restaurant after the round of golf. Although I did not make it to the buffet due to timing challenges, Blair said it was delicious. All of this was great value for our donation to the North Bay Humane Society.

As usual, Jeff Rogerson’s team at Osprey Links were professional, engaging and great hosts. The course was in great shape and the greens were rolling extremely well. Although the area experienced a great deal of rain in the morning, the course shone as it always had. Osprey Links was the perfect venue for the charity event and their efforts contributed to fantastic event.

I enjoy playing in charity events. I especially was thrilled to meet up with my old crew and play my old course. As we looped around Osprey Links, we were all very grateful to have the opportunity to play golf as a team and support such a worthy cause.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “13th Annual Monaghan and Furry Friends Scramble Rocked!

  1. Glad you had fun. I missed out on the one I usually play this year which was especially sad since I had been the one to suggest the venue for the year. But I was held up by a prior work commitment this year so I couldn’t commit to it too. It’s always a fun day.

    As it so happens though for the next three weeks we’ve chosen to play at another course in the same complex our tournament was held in. That was at the private course and we’re playing the public one. But don’t let that fool you. It was used for the JC Penney Classic back in the 70’s. I saw the greats play there a couple times as a kid.

    It’s long at 6579 yards from the men’s tees. It’s got a slope of 127. All flat ground with mostly raised tee boxes. Water. Pine straw. Traps. Gators. lol…It’s got it all. Great greens too. It’s the course I had my best ever putting day on so I always hope for a repeat of that when I go there. And I was out chipping, pitching and putting tonight to start preparing. I’m looking forward to it of course. We’ll be playing into the sunset. Taking advantage of the cooling temps rather than fighting the warming ones. And hot it is. Low to mid 30’s centigrade feel like temps at 8 PM.

    I’ll be up against it but I like my chances better here. The guys will struggle more than I will with the harder course and the 9-12 strokes I have to give them won’t matter so much.

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