Shanking A Golf Ball

Have you ever shanked a golf ball? You also know it as a hosel rocket! I can tell you that it is not fun and very disconcerting for a player of my level. However, no matter your skill level, it happens. All I know is that when it does, I stand is disbelief and look at the club as if it is its fault. But what happens if hit happens twice on the same hole? Continue reading

Keeping it Real on the Golf Course

It is challenging to play great golf! Some times it is extremely challenging to play anything resembling your game. Golf is the type of game that empowers or crushes a players dreams of being a consistent golfer. It is an amazing journey that requires attention to come to fruition.

I have talked about being a scratch golfer for years. I have diligently worked towards my goal and have shared my thoughts along the way. I am not detracted from my quest and will continue to strife forward. With this in mind, I was thinking about something someone said (sorry I cannot remember who it was) about being able to hit specific shots.  Continue reading