Shanking A Golf Ball

Have you ever shanked a golf ball? You also know it as a hosel rocket! I can tell you that it is not fun and very disconcerting for a player of my level. However, no matter your skill level, it happens. All I know is that when it does, I stand is disbelief and look at the club as if it is its fault. But what happens if hit happens twice on the same hole?

As you can see, even professionals shank the ball!

Well, I know exactly what the pros feel after their shot times 100. Yup, I actually shanked the ball twice on the 13th hole at Osprey Links last year. It was in at the beginning of the season and I was playing with ball position. I was trying to play the ball further back in my stance in attempts to apply more spin on the ball during approach shots.

13th Hole at Osprey Links Golf Course, Callander, Ontario

I hit my 3 wood off the tee and was short left of the big rock on the right. I had a 6 or 7 iron into the green and decided to hit an easy 6 to an uphill green. I placed it back in my stance and did not fully swing at the ball and shanked my ball off the rock! I watched it bounce very high in the air, but landed 20 yards in front of the rock about 130 yards from the green.

Laughing at myself, I thanked the golfing Gods for my good fortune and pulled my 9 iron. Playing it back in my stance again, I shanked (again) my ball into the woods to the right at the far in of the picture above. Needless to say I was in total shock at this point. I hit a provisional because my ball was in the woods. Good thing I did because we did not find my ball.

After a smooth two putt I walked off the 13th hole par 4 with a hockey stick. (a score of 7) It could easily have been much worse. After taking a few seconds to catch my breath, I decided to go back to my old ball position and save trying to add more spin on the ball for the practice area.

I can tell you that shanking two balls back to back is tough on the ego and mental attitude. Fortunately on my next approach shot I was able to recover. I have never shanked any ball back to back at any other time in my career. If you are wondering, it is not something I would ever recommend you trying.

Shanking a ball happens. What was the worse shank you ever made?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

9 thoughts on “Shanking A Golf Ball

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  2. Jim,

    Every now and then I do shank a shot…unfortunately. The worst is when you have what seems like a routine pitch shot but you end up shanking it. I guess sometimes we lose concentration and it comes back to hurt us. Here’s to hoping for less shanks this upcoming season!


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  3. Jim, once is an aberration. Twice is enough to put you in the funny farm. I have shanked two in a row on the range but don’t worry too much about it there. Doesn’t seem to afflict on the course, thank God.



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  4. Ha, a topic I can relate to! Standing on a tee box, made my mind up I’m gonna’ MURDER this one. Swung so inside to out I hit my drive between my legs and nearly murdered my playing partner. Hosel rocket indeed.

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  5. I can’t remember ever shanking one, but I have hit a couple over the years so far out on the tip that it acts almost the same. It’s certainly just as embarrassing. I don’t think I’ve done it twice in a row, but I know how it feels to follow one bad swing with another and it’s no fun.

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