Cart Path Only Please

This article is a little late coming, but it is relevant for those players still hitting the links. I am strong defender of my golf course. I replace divots (my own and others), fix multiple ball marks on the green, pick up garbage and rake sand traps. If I want Osprey Links Golf Course to be ready for when I break par, it needs a little care to keep it pristine. Unfortunately, there is one rule many players do not follow and it is keeping to the cart path when instructed to do so by the course management!

During the past season, there were many days where carts were instructed to stick to the cart path. On our course this means staying in the driest part of the rough. Yet, there are those who believe that they are above this specific demand and do what they want. This is the result.

Unfortunately, I have seen these cart path ruts by the green where the carts are forbidden all the time. I believe it is a sign of disrespect. I think it is important to look after my course and I am not shy to mention to others that they are hurting the course by not following the rules. Most players acknowledge my polite point and the problem is solved. Others….well.

Staying on the cart path, when instructed to do so, is very important. The staff are the experts in the care and maintenance of the course, so listen to their instructions. By doing so, the course will be in great shape when things dry which makes playing even more enjoyable.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

5 thoughts on “Cart Path Only Please

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  2. Jim, I prefer to walk when I play. I know you do to. On my recent trip to Myrtle Beach, we were down there along with Tropical Storm Alberto and were playing CPO for three straight days. It’s exhausting playing 36 a day from the cart path and would have been less so if we could have walked. As it was, carts were required. Folks cheat on CPO because it is the worst cause of slow play when using carts. I get it, it’s necessary to preserve the course but it’s no fun.

    Back in September, there was a club championship I was going to play at one of the local courses. Northwest is a long track and everyone was playing out of carts. It rained heavily the week before and I withdrew because I knew it would be CPO. Just wasn’t up for the 5 1/2 hour rounds.

    Hope the cart ruts were repaired at Osprey before the ground froze!




    • Brian

      I agree with you. I would much rather walk than ride. I find I play better and I enjoy the round more. CPO is tough and takes longer to play than normal because of the distances players have to walk sometimes to play their ball…..not to mention carrying several different clubs. It is tough to judge lie and shot angle from 25 yards away.

      Osprey Links did a very good job at fixing all the cart ruts. The worst area is just off the number one tee. It is the lowest point of the course so water collects there all the time. They have addressed it with better drainage, but that only works if the amount of rainfall does not exceed a certain amount. And we exceed that amount many times this year.

      Cheers Jim

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  3. I wish everyone had to read this before playing all summer long here. People playing on the more expensive courses seem to do better, but even there you find trails in the fairways and the more accessible public courses take a ton of damage each year even with the fewer players they get off season. The thing that gets me the most though is the people who complain the most about course conditions are some of the worst offenders.


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