Protecting Your Golf Course Early in the Season

If you ever golf on a course freshly open after its long winter’s nap you know that it is in a very fragile state. The newly exposed grass is always damp and their root system has yet to take hold. So, it is the responsibility of every golfer to take more caution and help protect the course to prevent any lasting damage.

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The Experts Say: Replace Your Divots

Replacing our divots is considered gospel where I play golf. It is a habit I adopted early in my playing career and have never stopped. Whether to replace divots is often debated, so I reached out to my friend Jeremy Sizer who was the Superintendent at Roundel Glen Golf Course (Trenton, ON) and Assistant Superintendent at Wildfire Golf Club (Peterborough, ON). The day I asked the question if we should replace divots, he was hosting a working group with other Ontario Golf Course Superintendents. He graciously posed the question to the this group of dedicated experts that tirelessly work to make my time on the links priceless.

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Cart Path Only Please

This article is a little late coming, but it is relevant for those players still hitting the links. I am strong defender of my golf course. I replace divots (my own and others), fix multiple ball marks on the green, pick up garbage and rake sand traps. If I want Osprey Links Golf Course to be ready for when I break par, it needs a little care to keep it pristine. Unfortunately, there is one rule many players do not follow and it is keeping to the cart path when instructed to do so by the course management! Continue reading