Exiting A Sand Trap Properly

Last weekend I watched Christina Kim, LPGA Professional, exit the sand trap after hitting the pin. Originally, I thought she took the long way out and wondered if that was the proper way to exit a sand trap. After some thought and her explanation, I believe that I learned something new or at least reinforced something I naturally do.

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Throwing a Golf Club

Throwing a golf club is unacceptable behaviour. Although it occurs more often than we think, tossing the iron seems is something I have avoided my entire career. Well, I guess that is not entirely true, but in the last 25 years, as I have matured, letting loose of my club in frustration his definitely not on my radar screen. Continue reading

Looking Over Your Shoulder When Golfing

Golf is meant to be relaxing, enjoyable and challenging all at the same time. Walking the links, I generally have a feeling of zen as I enjoy my surroundings. I always have a calm feeling of tranquility that leaves me wanting more at the end of each round.

Unfortunately, my ‘happy place’ is shattered sometimes and it is frustrating because, sometimes, there is just no reason for it. As a quick player, I rarely get caught when playing, but now and then it happens. Continue reading

Golf Rant: What is That Thing Beside the Bunker?

Many of the regular readers understand that The Grateful Golfer is about positive golf talk. I try to encourage, suggest, recommend the great things about golf when I can. Well today, I was perplexed on the first hole and maybe you can help me out!

Osprey Links hole 1

Osprey Links Hole 1

Today, I was in the second group out. We were on the first hole at Osprey Links Golf Course which is a par 5 dogleg to the right. The turn of the dogleg starts at about 250 yards out off the tee and on the right of this hole is a water hazard and two bunkers guarding the initial turn. This is a great starting hole, but I digress.

As Blair and I made our way down the fairway, the day was starting off great. We were following the first group of 3 players and everything seem as it should. But suddenly, as we made the turn towards the green, I spotted this black think sitting in the grass beside the two bunkers. I was perplexed to see this object just sitting there and started to ponder if it had any real use on the golf course. I was not sure, but I am confident that you, the reader, can help me out! Continue reading