Playing Golf Behind A Foursome

Yesterday, a twosome was playing behind my group of four. They followed us for most of the round and had to wait on every other hole. Now, before you start yelling at me saying we should have let them through, I can say with certainty, that I watched and sometimes waited for them to make a move, but they never did. When they were in position, there were three reasons why we did not let them play through and I feel that we were justified in doing so. You can let me know what you think at the end of my article.

First, we stayed 3/4 of a hole for 15 holes, then we ran into trouble. Then we lost the foursome in front of us. There was no one in front of them, but they were playing at a very quick pace. We actually finished our round in 3.5 hours. So, this is a great pace for a foursome for the most part the twosome was matching that pace. They did not press us to go through and like I mentioned before they were not always waiting to hit.

Just a PSA for playing through a group. This is some great advice.

Second, this two some was being followed by a two some. My view is that the groups behind us should have joined up to make a foursome. If the groups in front are in position and playing at a reasonable pace, then they should have joined up. I believe that this is the proper etiquette for groups behind to join up into a foursome if the course is busy. With two foursomes in front playing at a quick pace, then that is the proper recourse. They might have asked, but the etiquette would have been to join up or patiently wait (which they did).

Lastly, the group did not press us at anytime to indicate that they wanted to push through. Generally, if a group wants to push through they play a bit quicker and catch the group ahead at the green/tee box. There are several locations at Osprey Links where the green is adjacent to the tee box and if the group had shown up before we teed off, I would have offered. But, they did not seem overly concerned, so neither were we.

Playing through a group or indicating that you want to go through is a part of golf. I generally I try to catch them close to the tee box. This means that I have to speed up my play a bit, but not so much that I will make terrible mistakes. What is important is that we as players have to be aware if we are holding up a group. This does not mean we have to let them through depending on the circumstances, but it is usually a good idea if your group is a hole or more behind.

Do you have a criteria to let groups play through?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Playing Golf Behind A Foursome

  1. Jim, you were not getting pushed and finished in 3.5 hours. Played perfectly on the part of your group.

    The only part of playing through that I don’t like is the change in pre shot routine sometimes throws my game off.



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  2. I think You covered all. My primary concern is to keep up with whomever is in front. If there then is a gap I (and my group) are playing too slow, and should let the following group through, if pressed/asked, but as I said – ONLY if there is room and we ourselves do not keep up.

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