Five Golf Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started Golf

I mentioned many times that I am a student of the game. This wonderful journey of gaining knowledge has provided many positives. The more I learn, the more I realize that I my journey started way to late. I guess that as I matured, I realized that understanding more about my golf passion was the key to better golf. It seems that every day I find something that could have helped my game if I hand only knew. Well, lucky for you I love to share what I find and this particular video will be a foundation builder that all beginners should know.

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Playing Golf Behind A Foursome

Yesterday, a twosome was playing behind my group of four. They followed us for most of the round and had to wait on every other hole. Now, before you start yelling at me saying we should have let them through, I can say with certainty, that I watched and sometimes waited for them to make a move, but they never did. When they were in position, there were three reasons why we did not let them play through and I feel that we were justified in doing so. You can let me know what you think at the end of my article.

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Golf Fundamentals and Lower Golf Scores

Any time we embark on the journey to learn something new, we always start in the same place. We start with understanding the fundamental skills required to become proficient at what we are learning. As a long time coach, teaching fundamentals was the corner stone of my philosophy in order to build a foundation for skill advancement. I believe that without creating the conditions of success through fundamentals will have detrimental affect when it is time to move forward with advanced skill development. And then I came across something that started me thinking that part of my philosophy of coaching was flawed.

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Teamwork in Golf


Teamwork helps accomplish great things!

Developing and maintaining the perfect golf swing is next to impossible! The better we play, the better we want to play and to accomplish this amazing feat takes time, effort and dedication. Many of us try to improve our game alone or with help from some well-intentioned friends. Personally, I fit into this category or at least I did a few years back.

Professional golfers have a team of experts to help them with every aspect of their game. If one expert is not cutting the grade, they are politely asked to leave the team. This process, however well-intentioned, is designed to make the professional golfer better, but is difficult for amateurs to duplicate. Some teams instinctively work like well oiled machines, and others, not so much. Regardless, their goal is always to obtain the best results they can…..always.

Amateur golfers are less fortunate. We generally do not have any sort of team to help us improve our swing mechanics. Practice and training is worked into our daily lives as much as possible. The challenge for most amateurs is to effectively juggle the multitude of life events with the demands of playing great golf. Many believe that they are going it alone, and their success on the golf course lays solely in their hands.

I used to feel that way until about 3 years ago when my eyes were opened to a plethora of golf resources available at a click of a button. The internet has allowed many amateur golfers to improve their game by watching videos, reading articles, and watching professionals ply their wares on various golf shows. The trick is to find the right resources to match your game. On a side note, I have only met on person who has significantly improve their game this way. He really worked at his game and it paid off in spades.

For me, the evolution in my golf game started in May 2012. It was the time I stared this blog. On that faithful day, my real education about golf had officially commenced. I slowly started talking to like-minded golfing fanatics whose unique perspective showed me that my narrow view on golf was holding me back.

As we discussed topics such as putting, chipping, or the mental side of play, my game improved. I would use their suggestions on the practice range and slowly shape my game into something better! By a fluke of nature, this team of unsung experts, I have never met, has helped reduce my learning curve as I attempt to be a scratch golfer!

Teamwork can be found in anywhere. I was fortunate enough to find and build a group of experts who I rely upon to help solve the challenges in my game. I am confident that if they do not know a specific answer, they will know where to find it. To you my silent teammates, I say THANKYOU!

Do you have a team that helps you with your golf game?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Golf’s Unarguable Fundamental

Keeping your head Still

Keeping my head still during my golf swing is by far the most important fundamental of hitting the ball well. I have tried all types of tips and tricks, but I always revert back to this basic tenant of a good golf swing.

To add to keeping my head still, I count to one silently before looking for the ball in the air. This little trick ensures my head stays steady and in the proper position throughout my entire swing. If I do not count to one, I generally it the ball off the heel of my club which sometimes results in something very bad!

Keeping your head still is key to great golf. I support it and recommended it! What are your thoughts on the matter?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!