How Many Wedges Do You Own?

Yesterday, I asked this very question and I was not really surprised at the results. As a collector of golf clubs, I would suggest I fit into the 10+ category. And this is after I gave a couple of away to some friends. Before you start to judge me for having more wedges that I need, I should explain what is going on!

First, the data:

As you can see, most players carry 2 sets of wedges (this is excluding the PW that comes with each set). So, that means that they likely carry a 52°, 56° and a 60° wedge or something close. As a player of 45+ years, I have had a few sets of clubs. The funny thing about buying new clubs is that I always keep my old wedges, then by new ones. And no I do not have an abundance of cash, but I have trouble parting with my wedges and drivers.

Currently, I have 11 wedges excluding PW. Now, before you think I have wasted my money, I have clubs that are 38 years old. My Ping Eye 2 red dots, owned by my father, were purchased in 1983 and I keep them as a third right hand set. I still have the the sand wedge that he bought so many years ago. He is gone now, but I can tell you that I will never part with these clubs!

This particular sand wedge was the start of my trend to keep all the wedges through the years. As I keep spare sets for visitors, I thought that my vintage wedges would be a good fit for these spares. I also have a spare set of left handed clubs (thanks to my friend Kirk) and I am slowly flushing out these clubs for a full set and that includes wedges. So, you can see how the number of wedges grows in my collection.

Wedges (and drivers) are clubs that I keep to flush out the spare set of clubs I keep for friends who come to visit. Additionally, I am not adverse to gifting a wedge or two to friends who are in need, but that is another story for a different day. Bottom line, I feel that keeping old wedges to flush out my spare sets are important for the enjoyment of my guests.

And no, I do not have a problem because I am an amateur considering the image on the left.

So, caboose at the end of my train of thought is quite simple: keeping wedges and drivers is a good idea to flush out spare sets of golf clubs. They are important so that my guests can play golf with decent clubs and quality wedges enhance their play and experience.

How many wedges do you own?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

10 thoughts on “How Many Wedges Do You Own?

  1. I only have six wedges, three of which are in my modern bag. I normally have no problem in selling them off.

    Where I go crazy is with my Niblicks and mashie-niblicks (hickory era wedges). Since I have six sets of 1915-1930 clubs, there are twelve there. I also have eight others. All of them get played by me and others.

    I expect I will buy at least one new wedge for my modern set in the spring, likely will trade in several of the moderns that I am not using. Now the hickories, the number is likely to grow. Love the history.

    Don’t get me started on woods.

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  2. Jim,
    Without digging through my old sets, I’m not sure. But I know it’s two more than I should have.

    In 2003, I started a new job that required me to take the local metro train to downtown Washington. One day I lost my car in the station parking lot and declared it stolen to the police. They found it six weeks later right where I parked it 😦 My golf clubs were in the trunk and you can imagine how upsetting that was to have your car and clubs “stolen.” I had it towed to my home because I had already mailed the keys and title to my insurance company when I filed the stolen car report, and no longer owned the car and was locked out. I had begun replacing my set and had purchased a couple wedges and a putter at the time the car was found. I had the tow truck driver break into the car so I could retrieve my clubs before they took it away. I’ve since sold that set to a friend, but still have the two replacement wedges and putter.

    Moral of the story: If you’re an idiot like me, keep an extra set of golf clubs on hand at all times.

    It’s also amazingly easy for a car thief to break into a car using a Slim Jim. Took the driver all of 15 seconds.



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  3. I’m down to just the 4 in my bag after the move last year. But I probably had at least a dozen wedges before that. I had my first set of custom clubs, a few drivers and 3 woods, and a few putters including a lefty version. Not as large as your stash, but, at least they were all good clubs.

    Well they’ve changed our course again. It’s depressing. I’m going to miss all those birdies from having the cup above ground now that they’ve decided to let us sink our putts again. It’s also depressing that they’ve chosen not to give us a pin for visual reference. So even if you know what quadrant the hole is in, you still can’t take direct aim. That’s almost infuriating. But I guess I’ll have to make it a mental challenge and see if I can make it help improve the game rather than let it get to me. That’s the way of the Grateful Golfer.

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