An Article About Golf

As I searched for a topic to write about today, I came across something that really sparked my interest. Thinking about how to meld the words together, I found that I was at a loss as to what to call the article. So, I decided to go with an none descript, relatively neutral, heading and let you decide what how to title this article. What I found very interesting about what I found is that it immediately caught my attention and held it for many minutes as I watched the short video over and over. That is what made me decide to share it with all of you.

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Club Release By Freddie Couples

I always try to find useful tips of all levels of golfers. While looking around yesterday for something to write about (and it was difficult for some reason) I stumbled across a short video by Freddie Couples. It talk about club release and how he generates such power and accuracy. I figured that it was definitely worth sharing.

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Chipping In For Par

We all talk about our amazing exploits of chipping in for eagle or birdie. But, rarely do we discuss chipping in for par and saving strokes. It seems that the moment is fleeting and we forget it almost as fast as we watching the ball drop in the hole. Personally, I think this type of par is amazing and can change our fortunes on the golf course. It is definitely a ‘turning point’ in a round.

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Tuesday at The Masters

With only two days left before the ceremonial tee off, the hype is starting to take on a life of its own. The par 3 event is tomorrow and I am looking forward to the fun the players have with their families. I enjoy seeing the kids out there because it reminds me that golf is a social thing. What is better than sharing our passion with the ones we love…..nothing!

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Changing Your Golf Glove

Unlike many golfers, I do not wear a golf glove. I realize that most golfers do and recently I was wondering how many golf gloves an average player goes through in a season. I was surprised to know that many players use 10 or more gloves in just one season. That at $15 a glove, that amounts to some serious cash. So, now I am wondering if it is worth the cost or not? Continue reading