Chipping In For Par

We all talk about our amazing exploits of chipping in for eagle or birdie. But, rarely do we discuss chipping in for par and saving strokes. It seems that the moment is fleeting and we forget it almost as fast as we watching the ball drop in the hole. Personally, I think this type of par is amazing and can change our fortunes on the golf course. It is definitely a ‘turning point’ in a round.

Just ask Billy Horschel:

The amazing aspect of Horschel’s shot is the distance of the hole out. I know there were many other great shots over the years and one always comes to mind:

I have chipped in for par over the years and really made a difference in my game. It seemed to instantly change my attitude and disposition. A few times is was to keep a great round going and others to reverse the course of poor play. Chipping in for par is definitely a game changer.

Chipping in is difficult at the best of times. I think this year I only chipped in a handful of times. Considering how many chips I made from within 25 yards, the percentage of this amazing shot is very low. To do it for par, was even lower. It is pretty rare for sure.

Yet, this elusive shot sticks it head up from time to time and has a positive impact on our immediate game. I am not sure it is something to practice, but I guess just improving our short game is good enough.

Have you ever chipped in for par?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Chipping In For Par

  1. While I wouldn’t call the full swing Horschel made a chip, it was a great shot. And to answer your question, yes, besides chipping in for birdies and eagles I’ve chipped in for par before. I’ve chipped in for bogie too. But I haven’t done either lately.

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