Putting Is Such A Game Changer

I will be analyzing my stats from the my season in a later date, so I will not go into great detail at this time. However, I did as you about your putting woes and successes and was not surprised at the responses. Many have made some long shots and many very short ones. Regardless, putting is the ultimate stroke saver on the golf course.

Understanding this, sometimes we I notice that I spend more time lining up my long putts than I do the short ones. I am not sure why, but I bet you are the same. Overconfidence might be the reason why we forget our preshot routine on putts under 5 feet and as a result needlessly give strokes away.

I spent a great deal of time putting during the last off-season in order to strengthen my putts under 10 feet. It worked very well and I plan to continue this positive training routine this off-season. Why mess with a good thing.

I was curious about your putting exploits and I asked you the following:

As you can see, there is a majority answer for the longest and shortest putt. I fall into the shortest putt category. However, I have sank about a 70 footer this year. It was a complete fluke, but I will take it any day. I did have to share the most heartbreaking response on shortest putt:

Thanks to the Society of Historians for providing a perfect lesson on what not to do during a tournament. I have done this myself (not to loose a tournament); stretching out to tap in a putt and completely miss the hole. Very frustrating for sure.

Well, putting is the great equalizer and I plan to keep working on the flat stick moving forward. And if anyone ever asks me advice, I always say to practice putting and chipping because the short game is where strokes are saved the fastest.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Putting Is Such A Game Changer

  1. Hi JIm,
    glad to hear you are practicing your putting, and getting some good results. Thought I would share with you the story of today’s round, I lost the bet to a guy who sank three birdie putts, from off the green. Nothing you can do about that, except pay up.


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  2. It’s funny but putts from 2 to about 10 feet are where I spend the most time lining up and judging slope and speed. The farther out I get the less I worry about anything but speed. I guess it’s a matter of expectations. Outside of ten feet, I’m more worried about getting the speed right than anything else.


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