Looking for A 4 Hybrid

I decided to look for a 4 hybrid yesterday and even hit a few at Golf Town. They were all 22 degrees and had a stiff shaft. I set up in the hitting area with their launch monitor and began to bang away. Unfortunately, I have not hit balls in quite some time so my results were less than stellar. But, I did learn something!

After hitting, I looked at the stats from the launch monitor and found that my swing speed was low and my spin rate very high. I am not sure what was going on, but the results were less than I expected and definitely turned me away from purchasing a 4 hybrid until I figure out what is going on! My carry distance averaged 167 yards with a roll of 10 yards. This is 20 yards shorter than I expect and require from a 4 iron.

Without the ability to take more time to hit balls, it is difficult to determine where my challenges are. I am not sure I will be able to hit the range this year, but next year I will have to pay more attention to these longer irons. I feel that this weakness in my game is something I need to address if I want to lower my GIR percentage and shoot lower scores. As it is right now, I can hit my 4 iron on average about 190 yards; yet I am very inconsistent with this club and I am slowly losing confidence. Hence, the reason for my current search.

I know that the end of the season is no time to look for things to change in my golf game. But, it is never to late to make a list of possible goals for next year’s season. As I journey to the end of my golf season, I want to keep my eyes open to future opportunities! Do you continue to look for areas to improve your game?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Looking for A 4 Hybrid

  1. I have never liked hybrids. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong because I seldom hit them well though once or teice I’ve surprised myself. But I was given an old Adams Tight Lies 7 wood one year for Christmas as a gag gift. It had a rusted shaft and thread hanging off the corded grip but I hit that thing like a champ. I had it refurbished and picked up a 5 and 3 wood to match and carried them for years. I took them out of my bag after I took that lesson two years ago because I thought it smart to work on my iron game with the things I learned first. But lately I’ve thought about putting the 5 wood back in the bag in place of my 3 iron. But I keep going back and forth about that decision. I’d gain some yardage and hit a higher trajectory but lose a club that works well for lots of rescue shots I’ve learned to hit with the 3. And the 3 is an old friend off the tee too. So it’s a tough decision and one I’m not in any real hurry to make I guess since I’ve thought about almost a year now. Like you, I still want to improve, but I don’t really believe a club change will do it. That said, I have only one club in my bag today that is not fitted. My putter. That’s a reason for a club change I’d find easier to accept.

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