How to Pick the Proper Loft of 3 Wood for Your Game

Depending on who you talk too, selecting the proper 3 wood is a challenging task. Some styles are designed to fit your eye and others are like having a useless stick in your hand. After going through my fitting, I think I have an understanding on how to pick the proper loft of 3 wood for your game. It is not a difficult chore, but does take a bit of effort.

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Golf Equipment: Buyer’s Remorse

How often do you routinely buy golf equipment? Do you do the appropriate research to ensure you are receiving the greatest value for you dollar? For some, the answer to these questions is yes. Like myself, we take the time to identify what equipment is required and take the time to identify the right piece at the best price. It is a process, but I do it to avoid buyer’s remorse. Continue reading

Blade or Mallet Putter?

I recently went putter shopping. I have used my current putter for about 25 years. I purchased it with my Mom in Nova Scotia and as such has great sentimental value. I have putted well with this club, but decided it was time for a change. Basically, I have lost the feel for my old putter and decided to open the purse strings for a new one.

I have always felt that putting is the great equalizer and after 25 years, it was time for a change.  Before everyone asks why change if my putter was working, the quick answer was that I notice an increase in my flat stick scores, so it was time to change. Continue reading

Being Influenced When Buying Golf Equipment

Buying golf equipment.

From time to time, I like/need to replace my golf equipment. It is a necessary evil that all golfers who play as much as I do experience more often than normal. With the recent splitting of Sergio Garcia from Taylormade, I wondered if this action would have any real impact on the regular golfer. According to my research, not much. Continue reading

Buying Anything Golf

It is that time again. The off-season is here, I conducted my yearly  inventory inspection and realized that I need a new sand wedge. My Titleist Vokey 56° sand wedge shows excessive wear on the grooves, therefore it is time to start my buying process.

As stated before, I have a specific routine before I buy anything golf. This process helps ensure I receive the most value for my money and it has the added benefit of being fun. This process works for me and I think it will work for you as well. Continue reading