The Coldwell Cup – A Local Tradition

The Coldwell Cup is a home and home tournament between the seniors at Osprey Links and North Bay Golf and Country Club. This two day event is all about bragging rights and to date, Osprey Links has not bragged; not even once. This year might be different and I am looking forward to playing today in the second day of this years event.

The first day was rained out at The North Bay Golf and Country Club. Hence, it was rescheduled for today. The second day (which ended up being the first) was hosted by Osprey Links in late August. After which we had a fantastic dinner and reveled in the results. More to follow on that.

The format is as such:

  • 15 teams of 2 from each club
  • Two man scramble / match play format
  • 1 point for each nine holes
  • .5 points if tied after 9 holes
  • Total of 30 points up to grabs each day
  • 30.5 points needed over two days to win the Caldwell Cup

On the first day at Osprey Links, I was teamed with Tim Morris. He is playing to the same handicap index as me and as such, we were a tough team to beat. Not surprisingly, we were matched against the North Bay Country Club’s best team. Dale and Frank were great players and were deceptively long. After a seesaw battle, both teams walked away with 1 point. Tim and I were very happy about this result and were looking forward to playing at The Country Club together. Unfortunately, Tim is not available and I am not sure who I will be teamed with today.

As I stated earlier, Osprey Links has never won the Coldwell Cup. However, today might break that trend. After the first day, we hold a 23.5 to 6.5 lead. We only need 7 points to win outright. We think that with 30 points up for grabs, we have a very good chance. I am hoping to do my part and win 2 points today. However, I do not think the players at the Country Club will roll over, so we better show up to play.

Winning the Cup is always a goal, but to honest meeting the players from the Country Club is the real prize. Dale and Frank were great guys. They were fun to talk too, liked to laugh, and played a solid game. Both were sneaky long and could putt lights out. Tim and I enjoyed playing against them and hope to have a chance to play against them today. However, it is unlikely, but possible.

I will fill you in on the final results in a day or two.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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