My Chipping Practice Is Finally Paying Off

After a month of chipping practice before my course opened, I finally feel like my chipping practice is paying off. I realize that I should have had a faster start, but after 30 days, I think I am still ahead of the chipping curve from previous years. It might seem odd, but chipping on DIY mat and off the ground takes some adjustments that I had not realized. But, all is good now and I feel comfortable over the ball when chipping inside 40 yards.

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Who Needs More Than One Wedge – I Do!

In my younger playing days, I rarely used anything other than a pitching wedge for shorts within 100 yards. I would open the face, hood it, over swing, and choke down for delicate shots. It was my everything club and I thought I was playing great golf. At that time I was a solid 12 handicapper and felt that by focusing on one wedge, I held the secret to lowering my index. Boy, could I have not been more wrong!

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The Skills Required to Shoot Low Golf Scores

Is there one specific skill above all others to shoot low golf scores? Can this one magical shot be used to consistently empower your game to record your best score. I think that there is one shot that can help, but my experience tells me that relying on one specific shot is a recipe for disaster!

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Majority Of Golfers Start Their Warm Up With A….?

If you have 30 minutes to warm up and prepare for your round, what club do you start with to ensure you use this valuable time properly. Do you grab the big dog and let it eat? Or use the flat stick to refine your shoulder movements so you are ready to those pressure putts? Regardless of the club you use, the greatest number of players seem to be like minded and start their warm-up in the same manner. Unfortunately, I am not in the majority on this issue.

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Driver and Wedge is All We Need to Score Low

After watching Dustin Johnson, I have decided to leave most of my clubs in the trunk of my car next time I hit the links. After watching him cruise to a win at the RBC Canadian Open on the weekend, I realized I was carrying too much stuff when I play. If Dustin Johnson can hit a driver / wedge on the 18th hole par 5, then I should be able too as well. Golf is simple if all we have to hit are those two clubs! Continue reading