Driver and Wedge is All We Need to Score Low

After watching Dustin Johnson, I have decided to leave most of my clubs in the trunk of my car next time I hit the links. After watching him cruise to a win at the RBC Canadian Open on the weekend, I realized I was carrying too much stuff when I play. If Dustin Johnson can hit a driver / wedge on the 18th hole par 5, then I should be able too as well. Golf is simple if all we have to hit are those two clubs! Continue reading

Thinking About My Golf Plan

As Christmas approaches, it is becoming more difficult to find golf things to write about. It is usually about now I start thinking of a golf plan for next year. In 2016, I tried the go with a flow and yeah, that did not work at all. I have realized over the years, to be successful indeed to set specific goals. This approach works for my golf game, does it work for yours? Continue reading

Chipping: Selecting the Right Club at the Right Time

This post is in response to several questions on chipping I received over the past few days. I thought it would be a good idea to share my thoughts on the matter and explain how I approach my short game.

My short game is my bread and butter. I hit the ball straight most of the time and like all other players, I do miss the green 50% of the time on my approach shots. With that being said, over the years, I spent a great deal of time chipping and pitching the ball. As discussed in yesterday’s post, I am always trying to sink each chip, but we all know that this happens infrequently. Therefore, chipping the ball as close to the hole as possible is next in line of my short game expectations. Continue reading

How to Make A Golf Shot

Shot selection is critical; I guess I do not have to tell any of you reading today’s post. Every shot has multiple options and selecting the right one can either lead to success or disaster. Additionally, there is no one rule that applies to all shots because of the plethora of factors that can affect each shot. Yet, I do have a guideline I use that helps me select the right club to perform the right type of shotContinue reading

The Ghost of Golfing Past

We all know the story of Scrooge who was visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve. After examining his life, Scrooge realized it was not too late to change and have a positive impact on the lives of the people around him. Ultimately, improving his 3 foot space.

To improve my golf game, I need to follow the same general process. Take account of how my game from the past, the current state of my game, and what my future looks like if I do not change. Of course, I do this every year in one form or another in the hopes of being a scratch golfer and this year is not different. Continue reading