Thinking About My Golf Plan

As Christmas approaches, it is becoming more difficult to find golf things to write about. It is usually about now I start thinking of a golf plan for next year. In 2016, I tried the go with a flow and yeah, that did not work at all. I have realized over the years, to be successful indeed to set specific goals. This approach works for my golf game, does it work for yours?

I am always on the journey to be a scratch player; however I never really understood what it would take to get there until last summer. As I wrote before, my round with Brooks was an eye opener. He is definitely a stronger golfer than me in many ways and the area he really dominated was with his wedges. His game from 100 yards in was excellent. It was a real eye-opener!

As I start to think about next season, I know what my central theme. I am going to focus on my wedge play. I am going to extend my distance out to 120 yards because that is a natural pitching wedge. I am not exactly sure how I am going to approach my way ahead, but I have plenty of time to decide. For sure, I am not going to over think the process. I realize it will mean hitting plenty of wedges at the range, zeroing in my distances, and focusing on my alignment. All things I like to do, so that will definitely be part of the plan.

On a side note, I cleared a foot of snow from my driveway. It was fun because I used a snow blower, but I expect I will be clearing snow now until March! Ah, the life in Northern Canada!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Thinking About My Golf Plan

  1. Jim,

    I think no matter what level someone is at, working on your wedge game is never a bad thing! Nothing grinds my gears more than making a bogey with wedge in my hand. It’s something I’m continuously trying to improve as well. Look forward to hearing your progress.

    Happy holidays!

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  2. Jim, I think you are right that the short game is the area to focus on. When I too play with better players (and I don’t have a problem finding such people!) I notice that they will pitch and chip consistently close to the hole, leaving a single putt in many instances. So I think you have a good plan there. Cheers, Rob.

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  3. Any plans to spend time in a simulator this winter? I keep wanting to do that. Play a course like Carnoustie or Pebble in air conditioned (or heated in your case) comfort. I keep telling myself I’ll try it when I run into a week I can’t play because of weather, but the only week we had like that this past year was the hurricane and that was a no go of course.

    I’ll keep working on my wedges this winter and give my driver a stiffer shaft for Christmas (because it deserves it), but my main focus is changing to my longer irons. The 3-7 need more accuracy and my wedges are feeling pretty good now. Better than before all the changes in fact. My 6 and 7 aren’t horrible now, but there’s still plenty of room to tighten the dispersion pattern and the 3,4 & 5 need a lot more work still. If I can find the green more often from 170 to 210 and even start a bit of pin hunting from there, I’ll knock a few more strokes off. Hopefully I can manage to do that and keep the putter and wedges getting sharper and join you at 4 by summer. Ambitious, but that’s my plan. And I think it’s doable. And with a high of 72F (22C ? sounds colder somehow lol) planned for Thursday, I know just when I’m going to start.

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    • Kevin

      Sounds like you have a solid plan for the next few months to lower your golf score. I have used an indoor facility before, but it is not that much fun. It helps keep the swing loose, but that is about it. I move here in 2016 and there are on indoor golf facilities available. So, no indoor golf for me this year. Good luck reaching your doable goal of 4 handicap.



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