The Festive Season is Here!

I love the Christmas season. The winter wonderland, the sharing of happiness and joy, and spending time with the special people in my life. Although there is no golf, I will take the time to enjoy some outdoor activities, visiting, and being grateful. For me, it is also the time to give back to the community and to share some of my good fortune by donating to charities, the food bank, and just smiling at those I might encounter. The spirit of Christmas is all around us and I for one am happy to embrace it.

In the spirit of Christmas and giving, I wanted to bring your attention (again) to a young  Winnipeg artist whose video went viral back in 2011. Sean Quigley isn’t just a musician but is very involved in charity and social justice movements. When “little Drummer Boy” and its music video where released, CD’s were sold under one condition, “All the money has to go to charity” said Quigley. In collaboration with a local radio station, CD’s where pressed and sold out in a matter of hours. Their agreement was honoured and every penny made from CD sales went to an organization whose goal is to end homelessness and poverty in Quigley’s hometown of Winnipeg.  Enjoy the video!

In case you did not notice, I love his mittens!

The Christmas season is a special time and I hope you take the opportunity to take the time and enjoy your family and friends. This was a repost from last year and nothing has change so I thought I would share it again. The video is one of my favorites.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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