First Putting Practice in the Books

Well, yesterday I finished my first of many putting practices for the winter. I decided to start on our rug in the basement because it has many straight lines I can use to help with my alignment. I must say, it was fun to putt, but I did not glean very much from my practice time.

Summer Putting Drill

I thought by banging the ball around I could gather some sense of what direction I need to go in order to improve my putting. I hit short 8 to 10 foot putts with the intent of seeing what was up. The only thing I noticed is that I need more training aides.

The first thing I will get is 3 balls of yarn and a couple of straight edges. I need to set up my putting stroke and alignment in a more scientific manner. The yarn will be for direction and aiming. It will be helpful to establish a long straight line in order to work on my aim and actual stroke.

The straight edges will be used to adjust my feet position with respect to the yarn and putter head. I found during my last practice that just putting, without any real plan, is like playing golf for fun. It is great to play, but keeping expectations low is a smart idea.

My intent moving forward is to use inexpensive, common household items to establish training aides. As I do, I will post what I did, materials used, and how successful I thought my training aid worked. I think it is important to show the good and the bad because everyone learns differently and as such, be able to benefit from my trial and error approach to putting over the winter.

So stay tuned for more, this is only the beginning.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “First Putting Practice in the Books

  1. Jim, not sure what you’re solving for with this putting work. Trying to fix a mechanical error or just have the urge to tinker? A couple seasons ago, I fell in love with the Stan Utley putting and chipping method over the winter and it ruined my game for a couple months in the spring. I caution you on making significant changes to your short game without the ability to regularly battle test them on the course. What I can tell you is that if you just rug putt for 10 minutes a day – every day, until spring, you will come out and make everything! I have found that the simple act of rug putting just a couple hours the day before I play, usually ensures a good day on the greens, especially with regard to feel. One year, I did the every day thing in the winter and came out like Ben Crenshaw in the spring. Seriously, whatever you do, good luck with it!

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    • Brian

      I am looking at fixing my alignment mostly. For some reason I was closing my putter head on contact at the end of the season. I figured I would play with things a bit, but not really looking to make a large fundamental change. Tha ks for asking.

      Cheers Jim


  2. Wish you all the luck on your putting practice. While I don’t have the money for a setup like they installed on the Golf Channel, I found a simple carpet runner helps me practice my “green reading”. I can set different sized objects under it to give me a different slopes to “read” and it seems to be helping when I get on the course.

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