Dropping A Club From Your Bag

Like most golfers, I carry 14 clubs. My intent is to always use them in the proper situation with success. Of course, that does not always happen, but I believe have all the legal number clubs in my bag is better than not having them. For fun, I asked a bunch of golfers on Twitter which club they would give up…..if they had too! Well, the responses for the most part were expected, but a few were a bit surprising!

One of the most numerous response was their driver; with hybrids coming in a close second. The First I was not surprised, but the second seems a bit odd. The responses claimed they do not like the way it look to it was very challenging to hit. Personally, I love my hybrids and purposely change to a 3 and 4 with my new set of Mizuno MP20s. Regardless what I think, these are the clubs they decided they could do without.

The most surprising answer was someone’s putter. They said that they play with 4 clubs from time to time and putt just as effectively with their 4 hybrid. So, bye bye putter!

Another decided to give up their 8 iron because they could make up the distance with their 9 iron or 7 iron. I thought this was an interesting choice, but if you think about it, their answer does make some sense.

Others said wedges because they carry 4, so missing one would not affect their game detrimentally. I guess I could do without a wedge as well, but I am not sure I really want too. I like having the flexibility around the greens and 4 wedges make this versatility possible.

I guess it is only fair to discuss which club I would leave behind if forced. I actually had to sit down and think about his for quite awhile. I think if I was going to leave a club behind it would by my 4 hybrid. I think with my 3 hybrid and 5 iron, I would easily make up the distances required for any shot in which I would use my 4 hybrid. I realize that this might be a safe choice, but hey why mess with a good thing.

Removing a club from your bag probably is not the end of the world…..if it is the right one. There is no specific or right answer except the one you choose because it will be right for your game.

Which club would your remove?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “Dropping A Club From Your Bag

  1. Interesting and challenging question. It all depends on the course you are playing and what you have in the bag to start with. If you are playing 7000 yds then you need driver. Maybe the gap wedge (52 degree in my case ). But if you carry hybrids ( I don’t ) then maybe one of them can go. If the course is 6500 yds I can drop the driver as my 3 wood is long enough. I could also drop my 3 iron. But I use my 60 out of the bunkers. I my 56 from 100 yds in. There are far too many factors and the clubs we carry are different from one golfer to the next.
    So In summation – it all depends on a whole bunch of factors.

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  2. Removing a wedge is the choice I would make. I play frequently with hickory clubs and have learned that using my ground game more effectively works just as well with modern clubs. Using less clubs from time to time increases creativity and that is a good thing. For fun, try playing with seven or eight clubs and you might be surprised how well you score.

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  3. Jim, I’d drop my 6-iron because of the lack of versatility. It’s not a club I depend on for length, I don’t use it around the green, and I could cover the distance by choking down on a 5-iron. Definitely wouldn’t want to remove a scoring club like the putter or any wedge. I’d bet most amateurs would benefit from removing their drivers. However, the lower your handicap goes, the more dependent you are on the length the driver provides. Also, the better players are more skilled at keeping the driver in play.

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    • Brian

      All great points. You point about the skill level is very saileant. 6 iron would be a good club for sum, me however, I use it on my approach shots more than I expected. So, it stays in my bag. 😉😅

      Cheers Jim


  4. No question about it. My 60 degree lob wedge would be the one to go. It has just 5 degrees of bounce making it a very specialized tool and I can and quite often do hit lob shots quite well with my sand wedge anyway. But I’d prefer keeping it while it’s still raining every day. Nothing works better in a soaking wet bunker than that lob wedge.

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