Is Golf Over For The Season?

The weather is not cooperating at all and it makes we wonder if golf season is over. It is that time of year where rain is in the forecast every second day; this creates challenges to getting out on the links. I try to stick with playing as long as I can in the cool and wet, but my tipping point is coming soon.

I know I still have 3 weeks left for sure because I am committed to two tournaments with the last being played on the 26-27 September weekend. With this in mind, I will try to play as much as possible until these events are finished. Unfortunately, the current weather challenges are making it difficult.

Rick and I playing in the rain!

I really have no words of wisdom about my way forward. All I am doing right now is hoping for warmer weather in the fall. This is not a unusual situation where I live, it is just a bit frustrating to planning and planning for a round only to have to cancel at the last minute.

Maybe there is a rainbow in my future!

I guess my situation is nothing new for this time of year and if this my only challenge for the week, life is pretty awesome. I have many other things to fill my time, but golfing is at the top of my list for the summer/fall months. I keep plugging away at getting ready to play as we stand right now, Thursday is my next time out. Lets hope the weather cooperates.

How is your golf season going?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

9 thoughts on “Is Golf Over For The Season?

  1. I remember those days. But in Toronto the golf season lasts a few weeks longer than it does up your way. By contrast I will be golfing more now that the debilitating heat and humidity is going away as we approach the fall. Maybe you can join the host of snowbirds Jim. There plenty of golf to come here in Florida.

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  2. Jim, sorry to hear about your weather. It will break; you still have some season left. In the mean time, keep banging balls on your DIY facility. Got to keep the golf muscles toned!

    Good luck and dry out soon!



  3. I feel for you. Your season seems so tragically short. But I have to admit that I’m wishing summer would end so we can get back to the pleasant golf weather our climate here provides us most of the year. Sweating the second you walk out the door gets old fast.

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