2 thoughts on “The Luckiest Shots In Golf

  1. Luck is one thing. And I’ll happily take all I can get.

    Since you keep getting invited to winter in Florida I thought that should you decide to grace us with a visit, I might have something that will help you understand what you will be facing. Bermuda grass is like nothing you’ve seen up north.

    I watched the latest Rick Shiels video today (about chipping with an 8 iron ironically) and realized that the grass where he lives in the UK must be pretty similar to yours up in Canada. The technique he explains is certainly valid, but it will only work one way down here. Down grain.

    Here’s a short article from Greg Norman on the difference between Bent and Bermuda and the new perils you would face (besides the alligators of course 😂) golfing in someplace like Florida.


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    • Kevin,

      Thanks for the article. We likely have bent grass here, but I will check with the Super. This would make a great article. Thanks for the offer, but I am staying put for quite awhile, at least till the COVID craziness stops.

      Cheers Jim


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