Golfers Are Never Really Satisfied With Their Score

If you play golf a little more than occasionally, you probably developed the habit of being dissatisfied with your golf score. Before you say that this is not true and start a list of why I am out in left field, think of your last game. Now, thing about how many strokes you left on the course that could have easily lowered your score. Now, think about how many times have you played this exact scenario on your head walking off the 18 green or having a libation in the clubhouse. Kind of makes you think……right?

I could have easily shot par that day!

I don’t think I know a golfer who thinks they could have shot better after their round. Even my 1 under par score a few weeks ago could have been lower; is it that we are never satisfied with our game or is there something more?

Actually, I think that this type of character trait is required to be a good/great golfer. Rarely being satisfied (because there are some games when the score is a personal best) is important to lowering our scores and ultimately our handicap index. It is that desire to excel and to always play better that inspires many players to practice and hit the links.

Golf is a game where we pit ourselves against the course, the weather, and the playing conditions every time we tee it up. The playing conditions are never the same as as such, we golfers are force to conquer the new and old challenges (and sometimes unique) each time we play. This is what makes golf exciting to me. The unknown of playing golf during every round leads us to think we could have always done better.

To reframe the thought of being dissatisfied with our golf score, I think it is a good idea to think of each shot as a learning opportunity. Could we have executed the shot better? If so, how? By taking this approach, I have found that I less frustrated and more apt to accept what the golf course offered that day.

So, the next time you are thinking about the learning situations where you could have shot a stroke or three better, try to frame it as a learning situation. You will gain more from the musings and be far less frustrated.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


3 thoughts on “Golfers Are Never Really Satisfied With Their Score

  1. Jim, I love the idea of learning. I’m one of those players that does a retrospective after every round and tries to identify areas to work on. Generally, that gets the focus of my practice the next week and hopefully can be improved on in subsequent rounds.

    It’s always something different too. We golfers love to chase our tails.



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