Intense Focus on Golf For A While

Do you ever need a break from golf – either watching, writing, playing or talking? I sometimes run into a brick wall and like to step away and focus on other things. In October, I find this month the most compelling to seek other things to do and shelve golf for a bit. And other times, life provides a natural break where other aspects of day to day living take priority. For me, the latter is about to happen.

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Is Forced Learning Really Learning in Golf?

This may seem like a strange question, however it is something I have thought about over the past few years. Immediately, many of us and put the brakes on when the hint of change is in the air. Stepping out of our comfort zone is not something that we embrace, yet to be a better golfer we have to make this journey often. Sometimes we must force ourselves to learn new skills if we ever want to achieve the new levels of play on the links.

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Choosing The Right Golf Tip For Your Game

Make the madness stop! It is crazy that in 0.63 seconds I have access to 58.7 million golf tips. Yup, that is right 58.7 million. The amount of information available on β€˜the net’ is completely overwhelming and after the top 25 hits, the rest is just white noise. It is unbelievable that access amateurs have to the plethora of golf tips and daunting when trying to select the right time for you. Well, I have a system and I think it might help you navigate the labyrinth of golf tips at the push of a button. Continue reading

Building on Past Successes in a Short Golf Season

Learn a new golf skill!

Golf is not a stagnate game. It is impossible to do nothing and expect to improve. It requires constant effort to sustain and hone our skills. Granted, the type of effort and level of dedication varies from player to player. Critical to building on past successes is to have a clear vision of what we can reasonably (and sometimes unreasonably) achieve over particular playing season.

Where I live, our golf season is approximately 7 months long. Starting in mid-April, it lasts until 31 Oct. Depending on the actual temperature that end date can shift in either direction by 2 weeks. So my playing season is 5 months shorter than some of you reading this article. This significant time reduction forces me (and others in similar situation) to approach our expectations differently than the year around player. Continue reading