Forget Everything You Know About Golf – It Is Time To Start From Scratch!

Do you ever wish you had a reset button that allows you to begin anew with your golf game. You know, the factory reset switch that is hard to find, but makes life so much easier because all your bad habits are a thing of the past. I have made so many mistakes over the years trying to speed up my learning curve; and yet I think I spent more time unlearning these foolish errors. That is when I wish I could start over from scratch.

Practicing real shots on the range is one key to lower golf scores.

In my earlier years of playing, I would try anything thinking I could make it work for my golf game. I remember one time being shown how to hit a knock down 5 wood for approach shots from 175 yards. Yup, I would set the ball back in my stance and use my 5 wood to try and hit stingers into the green. The worst thing was that I was successful on my first attempt and that lucky shot engrained the idea that this was a shot I had to have in my bag.

I spent a fair bit of time trying to perfect this shot on the range to no avail. Actually, it morphed one of the best clubs in my bag to one of the worse. It took months to reset my ability to hit this club the my abilities previous to attempting the knock down shot. One would think I would learn from that disaster, but alas I did not. So, over the convening years I chase my tail on many an occasion.

Then one day, I broke 80. It was Comox, British Columbia, back in 1989. It was like a light came on and all the demons of crazy golf were banished from my mind. For some reason, I started to see golf in a different light and realized that success in golf was a journey that had no short cuts. From that point forward I started to approach my game in focused, organized, and logical manner.

It still took about 5 years to consistently break 80, but my approach laid the foundation to the game I have today. Now, when I attempt to change anything, I take my time, follow my learning process, and see if it works. Sometimes it does and other times……I hit the reset button before it is too late.

Golf is a hard sport for the majority of players. It is not something that most players can just pick up and be great. After 30 years from breaking 80 for the first time, I can honestly say that my ability to hit the reset button is much easier and less damaging to my game. With so much experience of making modifications to my golf game, it does not take a great deal of understanding to know when a change does not feel right. Then to stop quickly and head back to the last fork in my journey.

Making changes to your golf game can be fun and rewarding. Additionally, it can be frustrating and challenging. When you reach a point of exasperation, I suggest you hit the reset button and try and different tack to success!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Forget Everything You Know About Golf – It Is Time To Start From Scratch!

  1. Jim, great post. All quick fixes you find on the internet should come with a disclaimer. “Warning, there are no quick fixes in golf. Use of this content could be hazardous to your game.” LOL!



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  2. Start from scratch? But, but, but….I don’t wanna! 😜

    It depends upon the change I think as to how long it takes to recover. When the pro changed my grip from really strong to something closer to neutral, it took quite a while before I was able to play a decent game. But the pain was worth it. Before that, I hadn’t broken 80. For 6 months I had to relearn everything. Distances, trajectory control. Everything. But only a couple months after that I’d shot my first ever under par round and was breaking 80 most of the time. So the pain was certainly worth it. But I really, really don’t want to go through that again. 😂

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    • Kevin

      I can see how your change in grip would have a cascading affect on your game. However, since you approached your grip change as a positive goal and received some good results along the way, it was worth pursuing. It is a challenge to determine which modification is worth pursuing. It your case, the proof of success is in the lower golfer scores.

      Cheers Jim


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