Just Another Day On The Links

Yesterdays round started the same as all others. As my second round of golf in 2021, I am slowly starting to gain some control of my swing. I still have a long way to go, but that is the fun of playing and practicing….right? I played well, hit some good shots, scored well, and felt like it was a typical day. That is until the last two holes.

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Does Your Pre-shot Routine Change With The Weather

Image may contain: tree, sky, snow, outdoor and nature, text that says 'Winter is here!'

This morning the blanket of white arrived and is likely to stay until April 2021. We are hoping for a bit of break over the next few weeks, but essentially Winter is Here!

That is okay, it was a matter of time and it is not unexpected. I did, however, feel a shift in my mood this morning. With the snow finally here and the waiting over, I realize that my morning routine shifted gears. I am not sure why, but the change in weather has changed how I look at things. As such, I am a little slower and less inclined to rush out of the house to the great outdoors. And of course, that got me thinking of my golf game!

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Drastic Changes In Temperature

Any golfer will tell you that they watch the weather; if they say they do not, then I would suggest they are pulling your leg. Changes in the temperature have a direct impact on how we approach each round. In fact, where I live in Canada, the weather can change drastically in the course of a round. But, the shift from fall to winter signals a change in thinking where golf falls down my list of things to do. I know it sounds sad, but that is the reality of living in colder climes.

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Is Golf Over For The Season?

The weather is not cooperating at all and it makes we wonder if golf season is over. It is that time of year where rain is in the forecast every second day; this creates challenges to getting out on the links. I try to stick with playing as long as I can in the cool and wet, but my tipping point is coming soon.

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Playing Golf In the Cold and Wind

The last two rounds of golf have really challenged my game. With gusts up to 65 kph (40 mph) and temperatures around 10° C (50° F), I found the playing conditions very tough. Before Padraig and his crew from the northern shores of Ireland start laughing at me, I think it is fair to say that for our area, these were very tough conditions. It challenged all my play making abilities to a point where I realized that I have some work to do with respect to my mid iron play. But this is a good thing…..right?

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