Playing Golf In the Cold and Wind

The last two rounds of golf have really challenged my game. With gusts up to 65 kph (40 mph) and temperatures around 10° C (50° F), I found the playing conditions very tough. Before Padraig and his crew from the northern shores of Ireland start laughing at me, I think it is fair to say that for our area, these were very tough conditions. It challenged all my play making abilities to a point where I realized that I have some work to do with respect to my mid iron play. But this is a good thing…..right?

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There are Weather Limits to Golf

As a golfer in northern climes, I think of myself as tough player who is willing to battle the elements at any time. I cannot think of any instance or weather pattern that I have avoided at one time or another. Of course as wet and below zero temperatures arrive, even I have limitations. However, looking at some of the Twitter feeds, I am not sure everyone got the memo! Continue reading

Walking Off The Golf Course!

I rarely walk off the golf course. However, every now and again I just get the feeling it is time to go. So, I pack up my clubs and off I go. If I am playing with someone, I wait until the end of the nine before making an excuse to leave. This is very rare for me to leave, but it does happen. Continue reading

2014 Golf Rules – Decisions

IMG_20140517_074007My last post garnered some discussion about application and interpretation of the 2014 Golf Rules. Specifically, Brian Penn from All About Golf pointed out the finer points of rule 25-1 Abnormal Ground Conditions. Ultimately, we decided that hitting your ball into a temporary lake (and not being out-of-bounds or in a hazard) warrants a free lift no closer to the hole and to place our ball one club length within the nearest point of relief. Thanks Brian for the great discussion!

Coincidentally, my copy of Golf Canada Magazine came in the mail on Friday and I came across a two pages of golf decisions that are important for every golfer; specifically, those who like to compete.  I have discussed these rules before, but I want to thank Golf Canada for outstanding information and adding the “How it Affects You” portion. These small tidbits of information make all the difference!

2014 Rule Decisions provisional Ball 2014 Rule Decisions Weather Information 2014 Rule Decisions Imbedded Ball

Staying informed of the changing rules of golf is important. Understanding how to play within the rules is as important as playing golf. I have played in many competitions and every time a question about the rules surfaced. If you are still not convinced, read this article about Rory McIlroy who lost by one stroke at the 2014 Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!