Drastic Changes In Temperature

Any golfer will tell you that they watch the weather; if they say they do not, then I would suggest they are pulling your leg. Changes in the temperature have a direct impact on how we approach each round. In fact, where I live in Canada, the weather can change drastically in the course of a round. But, the shift from fall to winter signals a change in thinking where golf falls down my list of things to do. I know it sounds sad, but that is the reality of living in colder climes.

After the turtle paced change in weather, we were hit with a bit storm yesterday where we lost power for about 18 hours. This was the longest time the power has been out since we moved to our new home last fall, but it is something we plan for and so, our generator hums in the background as I write this post. Additionally, I woke up to this lovely sight this morning:

Our first significant snow fall of 2020.

I bet your are wondering how my current weather trials affects my golf game since I have put the sticks away for the season. Well, that is a great question. The change in weather drives my thinking towards what chores I need to accomplish before I can set up my DYI driving net in the garage. Many of you would suggest I should have accomplish this task already, however preparing for the change in weather takes a fair bit of time and effort.

As I plan carve out the hitting area and prepare for a few months of hitting golf balls, the change in weather forces me to focus on more important chores like getting gas, putting things away, winterizing my house, etc. The cold weather identifies things that I have missed to day, so off I go. Hence the preparations for winter virtually stop all golf plans or ideas. The sudden change in weather happens every year around this time and I am prepared, but it does not dampen my dismay for having to put my golf plans on hold. Alas, such is life and I am still grateful for all my blessings.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


3 thoughts on “Drastic Changes In Temperature

  1. With a warmup forecast here Jim, I hope you’re able to enjoy a break from early winter golf. Are courses now closed your way? Ugh. I’m never really ready for the end of the golf season. Glad you have that generator! Cheers, Mike

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  2. It takes a lot more work for you to winterize than it does for me. All I have to do is turn off the a/c and open the windows. 🤣😎
    Another beautiful day here though we did have a two club breeze. I played irons only today and did fairly well though it wasn’t a round I planned on worrying about score. I blew 4 holes but made up for all of them and ended with a par round. I’d not played this course with winds from the north before so I made a couple mistakes because of that and I had two terrible swings off the tee. One was the dreaded shank and the other, on the next hole of course, was a pull hook. Talk about overcompensating. lol Oh, make that three, I hit another pull hook 3 holes later on a 165 yard par 3. And I nailed it. It went right past the green into next hole’s rough. That area of the course is a little dangerous when there is a lot of people playing. The hole on the par 3 and the tee box on the next hole both are on the properties northern fence line. The par 4 is a dogleg right, but standing on that tee box, you’re staring straight at the green of the par 3. So to protect us, they’ve put up a 12 foot high fence to help keep you safe while putting. It’s not really enough. I use a 7 iron on that tee box. That’s enough to find the fairway if you don’t try and cut the corner and the 7 gives me enough height that if I’m hitting it really well that day, I can cut the corner over the trees and get within 40 yards of the green. But that’s not the smartest play. Those trees on the corner are pines and really tall. Anyway, I usually try to just stay a little left of them and that 7 will land me center fairway when I do and from there, it’s an easy wedge in too. But I’ve pulled it onto the previous holes green at least twice since I’ve been here. Fence of no. But playing the par 3 today that fence became an obstacle. My tee shot which as I said I pulled left ended up behind it. And worse it was close enough that the only way over was a flop. My ball was sitting on top of the grass but in a shallow depression making it a tougher shot visually at least but I pulled it off pretty well. I didn’t miss much with my putter today and the 15 foot side hill lie I left myself with that flop shot was no exception. I got it center cup and that bouyed me for sure.
    Oh, and btw the aim adjustment I mentioned the other day you wanted an update on. Well, I didn’t forget and chose the new aiming point and it worked perfectly this time. I not only found the green, I landed 10 feet right and maybe 2 feet short of the hole today. No push right was what I celebrated the most but the birdie I got wasn’t too hard to take either. The par 4 before it that
    I also mentioned the other day wasn’t really an issue today since I was playing irons off the tee. I used a 5 iron off the tee on that hole because I was afraid the wind would help too much with anything bigger and bring the trouble spots into play. That was the right choice. My ball stopped on the right side of the fairway no more than 20 feet or so short of the ditch that crosses it. I might play it that way more often. I’ve played the course irons only a few times this year and I don’t think I’ve bogied that hole once playing it that way. Then again, I think I’ve only birdied it once that way verses quite a few more when playing the driver. It’s certainly easier to get your approach shot close with a wedge in your hand over a 7 iron. But still, getting more practice hitting longer approach shots might be more helpful if I’m not worried so much about score like today. Anyway, I missed the green this time. But I hit a good shot. I just misjudged it. The wind kind of knocked it down instead of carrying it like it did the tee shot. And that was one of the few putts I missed today too so I bogied it after what I thought was a brilliant tee shot. And thankfully left the disappointment behind apparently. I’m still elated with hitting that par 3 green and not pushing right. Aim small miss small is real. Most of the time at least.
    Oh, and you have to hear this. I’ve taken a look at my scores these past few months and I wanted to share the secret to scratch golf. Play a senior course. 🤣😂✌ The best ten of my last twenty rounds here average less than 1 over par. Now I just have to bring THAT game to the big courses.

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